SouthAmerican based Record Label GUTS´N¨BLOOD RECORDS will be releasing two new CDs.

The first to transition will be Croatia´s melodic doom/black one-man project INTERNAL CHRONICLES, who will release their second album “Crimson Storm” on January 02. Having formed in 1992, the band went on hiatus in 2011.Their first album “Out of Sanity’s Reach” was recorded and released independently in January 2018. Limited to only 300 copies, this release features 7 songs. The music is a kind of blackened gothic doom that’s haunting, depressive, and wrenched with tension — though it has its moments of soulful, forlorn beauty as well.

You can hear some advance material by following this link:

Next to be released from the label (February 2019 ) will be a 4-way Split CD entitled “Carriers Of The Disease” which includes four death metal bands from three different countries (Denmark, Germany and Sweden). This split CD is filled to the brim with crushing deathmetal goodness! Very vicious! Very brutal!

Go check the bands out and give a like on social media:
HERETICS (Germany):
DEADFLESH (Deanmark):


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