Born in the slum of Woking, sinister sludge merchants, GUTLOCKER, spit out
menacing stoner thrash grooves and asylum escape vocals that merge with
eerie dynamics and a hardcore grit. The groove metallers unleash their new
EP, Cry Havoc!, on Friday 20th April. Prior to this, the riff slingers
reveal a new track: Welcome To Fucktown.

Since their formation, GUTLOCKER have destroyed stages throughout England
with their face-melting concoction of groove metal laced with gnarly noise.
The Southern crew have stamped their mark on the nation’s highways, playing
a cluster of fleapits throughout the country. Supports with Trepalium, Evil
Scarecrow and Raging Speedhorn, and an appearance at Bloodstock, have only
enhanced their growing reputation.

The raucous gang aspire for new heights with their brand new EP, Cry Havoc!,
which is a sheer beast of a record. Their forthcoming single, Bitter Memory,
kicks off proceedings with ear-splitting riffery and hammering drum rhythms,
while their current single, Welcome To Fucktown,
( ) claws at
your inners with its gut-wrenching vocals and bone-crushing guitar lines.
It’s an impressive EP that has enough power and mass to level an apartment
block. There’s now nothing stopping GUTLOCKER from earning a prominent place
within the UK Metal hierarchy.


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