Guitarist Trayen Burke Announces New Music Video Gravity

March 1st 2019-Prog Metal/Djent Guitarist Trayen Burke (Constructs) releases the new music video for his new song Gravity. The new song demonstrates Burke’s guitar playing prowess, showing why he is one of the best up and coming guitarist today. The video also features Jose Escudero(The Mirage Theory) on bass and Jared Klein (Rivers of Nihil) on drums.

The music video for the Gravity can be seen HERE

Gravity Art Trayen Burke

About Trayen Burke

Trayen Burke is an American guitarist and songwriter based out of the Bay Area in California. The band is composed solely of Burke, handling all composition and instrumental performance for the project, aside from drums. His unique musical style incorporates influences from metal, progressive, electronic, hip hop, and middle eastern music.

Trayen is best known as the forefront guitarist and songwriter for Bay Area based progressive metal band Constructs, who released their debut EP Shapes (2017) to critical acclaim, gaining over 300K streams on Spotify alone independently since its premiere.

Trayen is an experienced and proficient musician, with an extensive background in guitar, classical theory, harmony, and music production spanning 17 years. He utilizes this unique skillset to create catchy, memorable, yet technically stunning compositions that are sure to mesmerize fans of both guitar and music alike.

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