Epitaph Records are pleased to welcome guccihighwaters to the label. guccihighwatersis the creative persona of singer and producer Morgan Murphy. guccihighwaters blends hip hop and emo genres seamlessly with his melodic tunes and lyrics that are vulnerable and intimately confessional.

“As soon as I met the Epitaph team I had a good feeling I was going to end up signing with them,” reveals guccihighwaters. “It’s inspiring when you meet people that are actually excited about your music and genuinely believe in it. Finally, after about 5 months of talking about it, we did it and I’m eager to get everything going.”

guccihighwaters grew up in Ireland before moving to New York at the age of fifteen. It was his isolated beginnings, however, that gave him his work ethic and laid the groundwork for his succinct home recording process. Despite having only been on the scene since 2017, with his first album Post Death, guccihighwaters has established himself as a force to be reckoned with garnering nearly 750,000 monthly Spotify listeners. He has since released two EPs November & Not Around Here and a series of singles.

Today, guccihighwaters shares his new single “highschool,” which you can listen to here or by clicking the image below.

“highschool was one of those songs that came very naturally,” explains guccihighwaters. “Myself and my close friend, Jay Vee, were at a studio in New York and right off the bat he played a chord progression on his guitar. I asked him how would it sound if he just used a bell synth instead, and as soon as we found the right sound it was obvious this was gonna be a good one. It gave me a great feeling of nostalgia. I thought of the word ‘puppet’ at first and went from there. It developed into a song about a high school love; at first, it’s amazing and everything is perfect but after time passes and you graduate everyone grows up and people change. The love changes too and in this circumstance it made me feel like a puppet that wasn’t cared for anymore”

guccihighwaters has just been on tour in the UK with Against The Current and will embark on a North American co-headlining tour early next year with Soundcloud artist and producer, Lund. The tour will kick-off in Santa Cruz, CA on 13th February and wrap 19th March in Los Angeles, CA. Tickets are on sale now. For more information, visit

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