guccihighwaters Shares New Single “in the dark”


Shares Emotional New Track

“in the dark”


Today, guccihighwaters (AKA Morgan Murphy) makes his return to Epitaph with a fresh new single and lyric video, “in the dark.” Epitomizing his unique gothic take on R&B, the track opens as delicate piano chords are imbued with his signature haunting vocals, layering lofi trap beats with reverberating bass. Produced by No Love For the Middle Child (Travis Barker, Siiickbrain) and mixed by James Krausse (half alive, churches) the ethereal soundscape lays the foundation for a somber yet catchy alternative bop.

Lyrically, Morgan gives a grim depiction of events leading up to the demise of a toxic relationship. He explains, “’in the dark’ is a song about being stuck in a situation knowing you should leave but not wanting to look like a bad person for it, falling into love accidentally then realizing the consequences of it.”


As an introverted senior in high school, guccihighwaters (Morgan Murphy) came out of his shell when he started making beats in his bedroom and posting them on SoundCloud, inspired by artists like Bones and Young Lean. Later on he found his voice and started releasing some of those tracks with vocals. Standing out due to his use of classic piano and angelic vocal tone, it gave him an edge of originality within the crowded scene. An early release, “I Thought I Died Inside” (2017) went viral with over 26 million Spotify streams to date, solidifying his trademark use of vocal reverb and airy production he coins as the “drowned out” sound he’s heavily relied on since his start.  It has evolved to combine crooning vocals and crystalline beats, with much of his music featuring piano which he likes for a dash of nostalgia. Still, the resulting music is fresh and modern, catching the attention of 500K monthly Spotify listeners and an ever-growing fanbase. Following multiple EP’s and singles, he dropped his debut album ‘post death’ in 2017, sophomore album ‘jokes on you’ (2021), and most recently the ‘heartbreak highway’ EP released this spring. After wrapping up a November tour in the UK with nothing, nowhere. and Epitaph labelmate sadeyes, he’s currently continuing his support of nothing,nowhere. in the EU with British artist Sullii.