guccihighwaters Shares Ethereal New Single “Make It To Heaven”


Shares Ethereal New Single

Make It To Heaven

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His vulnerable delivery adds an authentic touch, allowing listeners to connect with his emotions on a profound level...” – idobi

emo pop with a hint of R&B for the lovesick” – RIFF Magazine

On the heels of a tour with viral internet rapper Jake Hill, today, producer and singer/songwriter guccihighwaters drops his new single “Make It To Heaven”, produced by Mason Sacks (Post Malone, FKA Twigs) and Cole M.G.N. (Beck, G-Eazy, Lykke Li).

With an instinctive ability to channel emotion into crystalline beats and atmospheric vocals, “Make It To Heaven” is exemplary of guccihighwaters’ brand of spacey, ethereal alternative R&B. Featuring haunting harmonies and his signature ambient soundscape, he references religious themes but acknowledges the song’s secular origins:

“I wrote this song about not adhering to any religion which in turn makes me live a life of “sin”. But in this track I explain that it’s going to be okay because we can still get “high” meaning we can still enjoy life however we want and we have each other at the end of it all.”

“Make It To Heaven”


This year, guccihighwaters has steadily released a collection of singles that display a wide array of emotional depth. From the raw honesty of “shame” to the defiance of “DON’T TALK ABOUT LOVE” or the melancholic vulnerability of “the one”, his music remains heartfelt and self-reflective. Already gearing up for more, the prolific artist gives us some insight into what’s to come, stating, “I have been writing and producing myself in my home studio since the spring and it has brought me such genuine music because it is just myself, no other input to steer my direction. There are plenty more songs in the works.”

As an introverted senior in high school, guccihighwaters’ (real name Morgan Murphy) world started to expand as he started making beats in his bedroom and posting them on SoundCloud, inspired by artists like Bones and Yung Lean. Since his early years, his DIY drowned-out aesthetic and technical knowledge often saw him grouped in with the SoundCloud rap world he’d begun to orbit, which fostered connections with other producers interested in mixing similarly bold tracks and emotive melodies.

However, his angelic vocal tone and use of classic piano soon forged him a place of his own within the crowded scene. An early release, “I Thought I Died Inside” (2017) went viral with over 27 million Spotify streams to date, solidifying his trademark use of vocal reverb and airy production. Following multiple EP’s and singles, he dropped his debut album ‘post death’ in 2017, sophomore album ‘jokes on you’ in 2021, and EP ‘heartbreak highway’ last year.

guccihighwaters by Layla Shapiro

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