GUCCIHIGHWATERS Releases “rock bottom (feat. nothing,nowhere.)” 


Releases “rock bottom (feat. nothing, nowhere.)” 

Album ‘Joke’s on you’ Out Now via Epitaph Records

Album Vinyl Release 16th July 2021 

guccihighwaters Photo Credit: Benjamin Lieber

Singer/producer guccihighwaters has released a video for “rock bottom” – the pop-trap single about two people who just can’t give up on their toxic relationship – which was directed by Mason Mercer and filmed in the dunes of North Carolina. Watch the video for rock bottom here or by clicking the image below.

The genre-bending track, which was written over zoom with critically lauded emo-rapper nothing, nowhere., intersects the signature sounds of the emo scene, hip-hop, and meme culture (by sampling the classic “I can’t believe you’ve done this” Vine). Described as “the highlight of joke’s on you” by Billboard, rock bottom,” captures the vitality of the full-length album, joke’s on you HERE to listen and HERE to pre-order the vinyl, out 16th July.

Released on Epitaph Records, the joke’s on you was the 7th most listened to release of January 22, 2021, according to Spotify. The streaming service celebrated the launch of joke’s on you by listing “rock bottom” (ft. nothing, nowhere.) on New Music Friday and featuring guccihighwaters on a billboard in Times Square. MTV joined in to praise the album, which has already collected over 17.4 million streams on Spotify alone and features the singles “hold somebody” (ft. Powfu), straight jacket,” “highschool” “expectations,” and “rope.

Conceived by revisiting his old recording process – isolated in a room with nothing but a laptop and some basic music equipment – joke’s on you captures the momentum and emotion of Morgan Murphy, who creates under the moniker guccihighwaters. A quiet and sensitive introvert, Murphy often stood in the shadow of doubts of his peers. joke’s on you candidly refers to the lack of confidence others had in him in the early stages of his career.

joke’s on you is about feeling like I finally did something with my life,” Morgan admits. “I made an impact on my music while many people doubted me as I was coming up.”

Despite his recent success, which has him poised for pop stardom, guccihighwaters hasn’t always embraced attention or popularity. “I was very shy…I didn’t say much. I was always nervous to be in social situations,” Murphy confesses. However, when he uncovered the ability to namelessly create on the internet, a feeling of freedom came over him and he found a sense of belonging, admitting that “it was like a secret party that I just discovered.” This breakthrough was monumental to the creation and success of guccihighwaters. As Murphy made “friends” at that “party,” he used his tenacious ebb and flow storytelling style, his unwavering passion for perfection and a blue-collar work ethic to cultivate and shape an eager and vibrant fanbase of over 1 million monthly listeners and over 196 million streams on Spotify who all subscribe to his community approach to emotional connection.

Reluctance to embrace the good moments, Murphy still approaches his music with a fresh and modern outlook, as the Irish kid from Long Island making beats in his bedroom, unaware that he could someday experience success just by being himself. “Blowing up and not being kind of ready for it was crazy,” Murphy confesses of the real-life shock he experienced the success. “I always wanted it,” he says. “But it’s almost like I was lying to myself, that I wasn’t confident enough to actually tell myself I could really make it. I didn’t want to get my hopes up in case I didn’t.”

However, the result of his efforts speaks for themselves. guccihighwaters’ sophomore album, joke’s on you, includes “hold somebody” – which features viral sensation Powfu – has gathered 1.5 million streams since its release – and previously released singlesstraight jacket,” “rope, “expectations,” and “high school” combined have over 10 million streams. His recent single joins guccihighwaters’ catalogue including “I’m so sick of this,” which gathered 41 million streams on Spotify, “I hate me too,” “oh fuck I’m drunk,” which 20 million streams and 18 million streams respectively, “I thought I died inside, which boast 15 million streams, and “rather be a ghost, and needle & threadwhich check-in with over 5 million streams each.

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