Grunge Poet AP Tobler brings tales of feeling foreign in your own skin in “Claustrophobia”

Grunge Poet AP Tobler brings tales of feeling foreign in your own skin in “Claustrophobia”


A self described “grunge poet,” AP Tobler utilizes heavy riffs to tackle complex experiences like anxiety and depression. The singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist isn’t afraid to take the reins and record each layer of the composition themselves, allowing for a fully immersive experience into the music and world of AP Tobler.

Tobler recently re-released the top-streamer and bedrock of their sound, “Solemn Farewell” from their 2021 EP, Alternate Vision. Now they are bringing back the standout single, “Claustrophobia” from their 2022 EP, Devoid.

The track is equally woozy and sprawling – a stark contrast to subject matter of being stuck in one’s own skin for good. With soaring, fuzzed out guitars, Tobler’s matter-of-fact vocal stylings highlights those ’90s-alt influences. In the video we see vignettes of Tobler on a couch, in multiple outfits on various ends of the masc-femme spectrum. But during those torching guitar solos, Tobler is nowhere to be seen- they have transcended through music.

“Claustrophobia” was conceived after a spell of writer’s block and was written during a period of discomfort in my own skin. It opens with the line “You can’t become a new person every day,” and goes on to express that, “I am imprisoned in this vessel; I can’t flee,” which is about the terrible feeling of being trapped in my own body.

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”As a musician, AP is characterized by their exceptional guitar talents, and ability to deal with serious topics in their music in a way that feels relatable.” – V13

“AP Tobler is a new up and coming artist you should not forget about. With hard hitting melodies and intense production, Tobler is taking the grunge, post-punk scene by storm.” – Divine Magazine

“Imagine Joan Jett fronting Green Day with Courtney Love in the production chair. Pretty wild, right?” – Turn Up the Volume

Annapurna “AP” Tobler is a musician, singer, and songwriter based in San Jose, CA. Their musical journey began with the discovery of drums at the age of 8. They explored the sounds and composition of grunge, hard rock, metal, and jazz through their musical studies. AP added guitar and bass to their repetoire in the years that followed. They have been gigging regularly since a young age, performing at high profile music events such as PASIC and Sweetwater Gearfest.

AP Tobler began writing and releasing original music in 2018. They draw heavy influence from the 90’s grunge, alternative, and punk scenes in their work, citing Nirvana, Green Day, and Weezer as significant influences.

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