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Love can be a holding pattern of hope and indecision. On his second single, “Cerulean Blue,” Grist Mil (aka Derrick Sherman) explores feelings of uncertainty and longing around a new relationship through the haze of an intoxicating fever. The track started out as a demo from a 2014 session for his band Sainthood Reps with producer Will Yip, but was reborn as something entirely different after being revisited with long-time collaborator Mike Sapone. When completed, “Cerulean Blue” became a seamless integration of new and old sounds of Sherman’s work and a prototype for the rest of the music from the upcoming Young Dudley EP out April 17th. Sonically, the track rides a wave of low tones accented by a mixture of pedal effects as Sherman’s vocals carry a level of emotional connectivity prevalent to the listener. Following the release of the haunting single “Sea Of Trees” earlier this month, Grist Mil has proven to be more than a side project and something Sherman can take pride in. You can stream “Cerulean Blue” here now.

On writing the track, Sherman stated:

“I wrote this song while I was very sick one winter. A fever can be intoxicating and allow you to be less restrictive when creating. I was too weak to leave the bed and recorded the entire demo from my bed and laptop.

The lyrics were based around a new love interest at the time.  I was pretty much head over heals and in so deep and realized that I didn’t know if the fascination was reciprocated. There’d be days where she’d go silent and waiting for a response was a tumultuous process of angst and self doubt. The title refers to a scene in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, which was a nod to the person of interest. Spoiler Alert: WE GOT MARRIED”

Young Dudley Artwork
1. Collapse Into Nowhere
2. Cerulean Blue
3. Sea Of Trees
4. 23 High Times

Derrick Sherman has been a staple of the Long Island music scene since his teenage years. Over the course of his career, he’s found national success with his own projects, like The Reunion Show and Sainthood Reps, and toured the world as a member of such pivotal bands as Brand New and Tiger Jaw. His life was one spent pursuing his passion for music when, in 2016, priorities changed. He got married, opened a successful business and, for the first time since he began playing music, went almost a full year without strumming a guitar. He struggled to cope with the massive shift in his life and, as grateful as he was for the success he’d found off stage, continued to long for the catharsis that music allowed him.

In this period of soul-searching, the genesis of his new solo project, Grist Mil, was born.

Sherman doesn’t know what exactly prompted him to pick up a guitar again, but once he did, it was as though a part of himself that had been locked away was reborn. The seeds of what would eventually grow into Young Dudley were planted in December of 2018 when Sainthood Reps went into the studio with producer Mike Sapone (Oso Oso, The Front Bottoms, Boston Manor).  While creating the EP,  Sherman tapped into his archive to pull out the best elements of his previous writing. As it was Sherman’s first time recording solo, he was liberated by being unencumbered by a band or label’s timeline. Over the course of almost a full year, the songs gradually took shape as they meandered and evolved alongside Sherman’s tastes. As music fans discover Grist Mil, they will get to know the authentic representation of who Sherman is as a person, drawn to the relatable self-exploration ingrained in the Young Dudley EP.

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