Granger Smith // Country Things // Album Review

Granger Smith is set to release the second volume of his new album. The first volume titled Country Things Vol 1​was released on 25th of September and just 2 months later the second part is nowhere. The 2 volumes come together to total 18 tracks including 2 bonus tracks and to provide one clear picture. The album provides an insight into Granger’s current country state of mind and takes fans on a ride of highs and lows.

Starting with “Country Things” from the first part of the album, the track provides an introduction to the album against an upbeat melody. As the ride continues the highs and lows are clearly represented with tracks such as “Hate you Like I Love you” and “That’s What Love Looks Like” taking on a softer sound and deeper meaning. “I Kill Spiders” is the perfect example of this as the slow melody and beautiful lyrics create a stunning ballad. This is then compared to tracks such as “That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads” and “Where I Get It From” which are much more uptempo. Granger also has some guest appearances from Earl Dibbles Jr who had already made an appearance on Volume 1 but he also appears on “Workaholic” and “Diesel” which are part of the new tracks. These follow that more uptempo side of the album and certainly highlights. The two bonus tracks also include one with Earl guest appearing again and a second version of “That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads” which has a guest appearance from Lathen Warwick and elevates the track further.

The album as a whole offers a clear insight into the workings of living out in America’s Country as well as the workings of Granger’s own family life. While described as being a rollercoaster, it truly is this as you are taken through the highs and lows which take you from toe-tapping to taking a moment to really listen and immerse yourself in the music. This second release completes the first part of the album in a truly wonderful way.


Country Things is out now via BMG/BBR Music Group


Review: Emmie Ellis


Country Things full tracklist:

1. Country Things
2. Man-Made
3. Hate You Like I Love You
4. Country & Ya Know It (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.) 5. I Kill Spiders

6. Where I Get It From
7. Buy A Boy A Baseball
8. Mexico
9. That’s What Love Looks Like
10.Chevys, Hemis, Yotas & Fords
11. 6 String Stories
12. Anything Like Me
13. That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads
14. Heroes
15. Workaholic (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.)
16. Diesel (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.)
17. That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads (feat. Lathan Warlick) – Bonus Track 18. Holler (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.) – Bonus Track


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