Graces Collide // Our Tomorrow // Album Review
Graces Collide // Our Tomorrow // Album Review 9
Graces Collide // Our Tomorrow // Album Review 9
Graces Collide // Our Tomorrow // Album Review 9
Graces Collide // Our Tomorrow // Album Review 9
Graces Collide // Our Tomorrow // Album Review 9
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Hardrock newcomers Graces Collide release their debut album “Our Tomorrow” on the 10th April while it is just shy of forty minutes, don’t let that fool you as each track is packed with power and precision.

“This Hell” gets proceedings underway and right from the off you know these guys mean business, strong riffs, pounding drums and smooth vocals give you one hell of an opener. “Another Sun” has a harder edge to it with really heavy riffs and Nikki Smash of The Rocket Dolls lending his considerable vocal talents giving you a cracking track. “Ride” comes out the traps screaming with pulsating drums, groovy riffs and a lot more aggression, topped off with great vocals and a brilliant solo. “Fear Alone” starts out with a soft piano intro before the drums kick off assisted by a chugging riff that sets the foundation for one of the best tracks on the album and Danny Wenham giving a vocal master class to push it over the top.

“Find Our Way” is a riff-driven track with a heavy beat with a chorus that will hook you from the first listen and a masterful solo from Wenham. Title track “Our Tomorrow” has a serious kick to it, heavy guitars with a pulsating drumbeat that is hypnotic and strong vocals, there is a real Shine down feel to this track that aside it’s a great track. “Kraken” will have you banging your head to this cracker, funky riffs paired with cool rhythmic drumming, catchy hook and a seriously cool solo. “Run And Hide” has guitars on full reverb with a low powerful rumble throughout, really strong vocals and melodic choruses, a great track. “Makes Me Scream” pounds on you from the start, with a massive drum track and delightful guitar work that will have you stomping your feet to it, a great way to set up the final track.

“Come Back Down” could very well be an Alter Bridge song with grinding Tremontiesque guitars, great harmonies and a nice bass line running through it, a brilliant way to close out an absolutely outstanding debut album and a real breath of fresh air in the hard rock arena

 “Our Tomorrow” is out 10th April everywhere


Graces Collide are:
Danny Wenham – Vocals & Lead Guitar
Jurgan Hamblin – Bass
Will Hamblin – Guitars
Drums – Currently Vacant



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