Goya release first performance music video ‘Venenatus’

Hailing from Stoke on Trent UK, Goya is a new post-rock/progressive rock group who have been impressing live audiences with their “must listen to” instrumental debut ep ‘Kathmandu’ and now they’ve released their awesome first music video; the mighty ‘Venenatus’.

Watch the new music video:

Captured on film by video producers Zeneration X, ‘Venenatus’ is epic and adventurous and delivers a kaleidoscope of musical influences from Goya whilst making the track their own. Goya don’t hold back on this, their “pièce de résistance” (to date)…, it is ‘Absolute Music’.

“We wanted to create a piece that went through various movements”, explains guitarist Jase Kester, “You’ve got a pseudo-classical intro, Sabbath-esque doom riffs, an up-tempo moment, a section of pure feedback, and an acoustic outro that we improvised live during the recording session. It wraps up everything that is Goya on our musical journey so far.” 

Goya’s debut ep ‘Kathmandu’ is released 8th December 2017.

Praise for Goya:

“Goya’s music is a bit different… get lost in it… it’s a good trip!”  – Powerplay Magazine

“Amongst a constant tsunami of music submissions, from time to time one or two really do make you sit up and listen intently to every note, beat, sound. Goya is one such band that did for us exactly that. Their talent and musicianship is unquestionable, all making for a listening experience of real joy.” – Real Rock Show

“Goya paint musical landscapes which are as dramatic as they are unpredictable. This debut offering never dropped my attention once… If this is the future of progressive rock, I could certainly be turned.”Get Ready To Rock

“‘Kathmandu’ never feels pretentious but only ambitious” – Glacially Musical

“Attention grabbing… Goya’s debut performance is a truly progressive element.” – All About The Rock

“This EP hasn’t been so much recorded as crafted… Goya are the real deal.” – Stencil Mag

“There is so much to hook you in on this EP that I will keep coming back to it, discovering something new each time.” – Musipedia Of Metal

“It’s been awhile since instrumental music sounded so gloriously urgent.” – Sonic Abuse

“It’s a listening experience that will see you finding new & exciting elements every time you hear it. Mesmerising!” – GBHBL

“Goya are indeed a surprise package. Kathmandu for sure is one for the independent thinker. Sheep need not apply.” – Rock N’ Load

About Kathmandu:

Produced, mixed and mastered by Dan Rowley at Tremolo Recording Studios: ‘Kathmandu’ is a must for music fans seeking something different in a time where cookie cutters run wild. Featuring tinges of classic Floyd, Sabbath, Rush, and Zeppelin, the four tracks ‘Kathmandu’ offer are fresh and contemporary. It’s a sonic driven utopia that delivers listeners a carefully crafted, organic musical landscape that’s enriching and rewarding.

With sonically strong melodies, hooks, and consummate musicianship, Goya lock the music tightly whilst making ‘Kathmandu’ feel incredibly free flowing.
Guitarist Jase Kester says, “For us the ep is the initial musical statement from Goya. We recorded everything old school live in the studio, so what you hear is the sound of musicians interacting with one another in the same room. We’ve tried to take all the things we love about rock – the riffs, rhythms and sounds, the building blocks and devices – strip away some things that we feel have become clichés of the genre, in an attempt to create Absolute Music.

By Absolute Music we’re referring to the term coined in the 18th century. Basically this bunch of philosophers felt that music was the ONLY art form that could exist without representing something, or having a meaning attached to it. To put it in their words that ‘instrumental music transcends other arts and languages to become the discourse of a higher realm.

This isn’t us being pretentious… this is Goya existing right now and it’s where we have to be.”

Goya’s debut EP ‘Kathmandu’ is released 8th December 2017.

1. Collider
2. Venenatus
3. Ashoka

4. Kathmandu

Goya is:

Jase Kester – Guitar
Sam Taylor – Bass
Mark Connolly – Drums




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