Good Riddance 2020, TASTE Premieres 2020’s Gone Video from BROTHERS VOL. 1

Good Riddance 2020
TASTE Premieres 2020’s Gone Video from BROTHERS VOL. 1

2020's Gone - TASTE (Official Music Video)

2020’s Gone – TASTE (Official Music Video)

Legendary Australian rockers TASTE have released the music video for “2020’s Gone”, a new track from their upcoming EP Brothers Vol. 1 that will be available worldwide on December 23rd. You can view the video at

Ken Murdoch sharing the idea behind the single, “2020’s Gone” was written as a anthem to kick this year’s arse and say “good riddance.” 2020 and Covid directly affected us.  As we were beginning to start recording, our drummer left due to mental issues from the lock down, to the end result being he decided not to return to music at all. That was quiet a blow to us and a band and add friends.“

Ken Murdoch, Michael Tortoni and Joey Amenta are hoping to create a universal response at 12:01AM on the 1st January 2021 by encouraging all media and musicians to join them in playing “2020’s Gone” through whatever outlet is available to you. Imagine the euphoria if we  collectively gave 2020 the send off it deserves. Good Riddance!! Join us for all the fun of singing along to this anthem.

Brothers Vol. 1 is an EP for our times but steeped in the wide-screen colours of a more progressive era. Real strings. Layers of percussion. Walls of harmony. Crafted segues, dramatic timing shifts and a vast, unified vision that befits the grandeur of its title. The band is a potpourri of Queen, Muse and 10cc. Harmonies, guitars and souring vocals abound!

TASTE can be pre-ordered at:

No one could expect the events of Covid in 2020 so TASTE are celebrating its demise with their new single “2020’s Gone” co-written with fellow musician Les Brazil with its uplifting message lyrically and anthemic sing a long chorus. A joyous anthem for our freedom. Dealing with the anxieties and worries that has effected all of us, the song resolves with an uplifting positive message embedded in each chorus. “We need a song that we can all singalong to, at one minute past twelve, to say good riddance to what has turned out to be basically a shit year.” – Michael Tortoni

“Not only are musicians and road-crews affected financially, but the mental strain is enormous, and with calls to Beyond Blue’s 24/7 Support Service having increased during the pandemic by 48 per cent compared to the same time last year (March through August),this is why we felt we needed to take some form off action.We are donating 20% of our EP sales Profits to Beyond Blue to try and help as much as we can” Said bassist Michael Tortoni

“We’re hoping to extend a call of arms, of sorts, to fellow musicians to singalong with us to show solidarity and support for those in need” Joey Amenta Guitarist commented.

Ken Murdoch singer and songwriter said “It’s been a truly horrible year and we hope everyone will join in and say good riddance. Its a great anthem- “2020’s Gone” One that says from here on things can only get better!”

We are extremely proud to be working & supporting such an important cause and along with our record label MR Records we are happy to donate monies from the sales of the upcoming EP Brothers Vol 1 which has the Song 2020’s GONE as the first single.

For donations visit:

CEO Georgie Harman said Beyond Blue is very grateful to the generous people who dedicate their time and energy to host events to support Beyond Blue’s work.

Ken Murdoch
Joey Amenta
Michael Tortoni 

TASTE can be pre-ordered at:

TASTE BROTHERS Vol. 1 Tracklisting
2020’s Gone
Hello Hello
(We All) Stand_Up
Rock Is Dead (Live)
I Don’t Wanna Be Like You (Live)


The story of TASTE is a legend from the lost back pages of Australian rock’n’roll: the meteoric rise and fall of a mid ’70s glam-rock quartet with a fiery reputation among such lofty peers as AC/DC, Queen, Suzi Quatro and the Sweet. But history can wait.

Fast forward 40 years and LIFE ON EARTH is a document of rare craft and experience from a band split by circumstance all those years ago, now reunited with newfound passion and decades of combined expertise from the realms of hard, progressive rock to the frontiers of jazz.

Ken, Joey, Michael and drummer Virgil Donati were teenaged rock idols (Aged 15, 16,17 and 18) back in the Countdown dreamtime of the mid 1970s. Tickle Your Fancy and Knights of Love were two classic albums (recently remastered for iTunes) that spawned a run of hits including Tickle Your Fancy, A Little Romance and their signature tune, Boys Will Be Boys.

The latter was famously adopted by Queen as the pre-gig fanfare on their A Night At the Opera tour of 1976. TASTE was preparing to tour America with Freddie Mercury and Co. on the back of an imminent deal with Sire Records in the USA when the wheels fell off in 1977.

It was a tragic tale of mismanagement and parental control that any member of the band will philosophically recall—along with other classic yarns about kidnapping AC/DC Malcolm Young, touring with Suzi Quatro, Sweet and Status Quo and any amount of affiliated youthful hi-jinx.



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