Golgotha // Remembering the Past – Writing the Future // EP review


The legendary Spanish Doomers were formed in 1992 and Golgotha released a number of albums as their line up repeatedly changed until 2005. Following an indefinite hiatus, the band met up again in 2014 and released EP Arise in 2018.

A number of further lineup changes in 2019, Golgotha recorded a further 8 tracks and released it under the title Erasing the Past and now, following a further line-up change with a new guitar player, the band are to release Remembering the Past – Writing the Future.

This 5 track collection features one new song ‘Don’t Waste Your Life’ the first track with the new guitarist and four further re-recorded tracks that have been modernised to add some freshness to them.

As the steady riff welcomes in the new dawn of Golgotha, the Gregorian style vocal joins the purposeful march before it explodes powerfully into a gravelly and Death Metal style narrative. It is not long until we return to the previous down-tuned and murky sounds and when the singing arrives, it is full of sorrow that matches the feeling perfectly. As the choral backing signals the joining of the vocal styles, that chugging undertone continues to express just how the rotten sound reverberates from the core.

As the re-released tracks arrive, that steady trudge continues to express the more testing of times and the vocal switches between deliveries as emotions are expressed and the darkest of times relived. There are few bands that can make you feel the raw passion and feelings that this music is based upon, however, Golgotha are masters at it.

As the re-released tracks continue, you realise that you are completely in the Spaniard’s world, breathing and suffering with them. The experience is very rare, yet something that should be applauded. Hopefully, this Golgotha will be around for some time.

Whilst there is only one new track for fans of the band to experience, it is a storming offering and the remainder of the EP is certainly worth a listen and delve back into the world of the masters as they show once again, why they are so important to the Doom world.


Ed Ford


Remembering the Past – Writing the Future will be released Tuesday 2nd March 2021 via Xtreem Music



Don’t Waste Your Life

Helpless (2020)

I Am Lost (2020)

Elemental Changes (2020)

Lonely (2020)





Golgotha // Remembering the Past – Writing the Future // EP review
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