Gold & Youth Share Single “Dying in LA” via Under the Radar

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“A slick piece of soaring indie pop, full of pounding pianos, glimmering ‘80s tinged synths, and a mammoth sing-along chorus.”
– Under the Radar“Interspersed with siren-esque calls and soothing, yet pulsing synths, it’s easy to get lost in the music as it envelopes you in a warm haze.”
– Flaunt

“It is an acknowledgment that with the shadow can come bliss and self-delusion in the cracks of light, but lord, there is so much shadow.”
– Post-Punk

“’The Worse The Better’ revolves around shimmering, retro instrumentals. Frontperson Matthew Lyall delivers some deep, captivating croons on this catchy new tune.”
– Indie88

“The band combines a new-wave kick that rekindles the Killers’ first two records along with a prestigiously lush swooning recalling Glasvegas and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.”
– Glide

“Melancholic with undeniable charm, this track is a guaranteed gem to add on to any alternative playlist.”
– Indie Sound 

“This Canadian quartet draw equally on American alt-rock and English synth-pop to achieve a brooding rhythmical miserablism”
– The Guardian

“Like everything absurdly filthy and glamorous in a Bret Easton Ellis novel or David Lynch film, Gold & Youth taunts the limits of reality with heightened drama and darkness.”
–  Beatroute Magazine

“From the dancing rays of the sun, to the landscapes the boy runs through, the video for ‘Daylight Colours’  is a grand exploration of imagination and freedom.”
– Vice

“‘Beyond Wilderness’ effectively captures the spirit of vintage synth-pop.”
– Exclaim

“If you’re expecting twee indie-rock though, think again. With more in common with sludge synth lords Trust than Emily Haines and co, where you might expect Gold & Youth to pin their colours to to the plaid mast, they turn up dressed all in black.”

Today, Gold & Youth share “Dying in LA,” another single off their forthcoming album Dream Baby (due November 5 via Paper Bag Records). Under the Radar hosted the premiere of the track and its accompanying music video.

On the single, Matt Lyall of Gold & Youth says,

“‘Dying in LA’ is another song in the well established Canadian genre of songs about being wildly depressed and unhinged in LA. The title was a working title joke (the inevitable sequel to the Bran Van 3000 all time classic ‘Drinking in LA’) that I never got around to renaming and as one could perhaps guess, was written while I was in LA (although not literally dying, thankfully). I was, however, dying to get the hell out of LA and back home to my partner. I’d been there for months and I’m really not an LA person in any of the ways one can be an LA person. I’ve always felt more alone there than anywhere in the world (so yeah nevermind, I guess I’m the “lonely in LA guy” which is definitely a type of LA person and an annoying one really – just go home, problem solved). Anyway, that loneliness put the joy of the love I had back home into sharp relief and made it really easy to recognize that this person I’m in love with is the best part of my life. 

So, it’s truly just the simplest of love songs, saying ‘fuck the world, we’ve got each other’ without hesitation or reason. Reason in love is missing the entire point, but so is abstraction. Just say what you mean! Which is what I did, on top of these simple little demo chords I recorded on a cheap Casio synth and never replaced and a boppy little synth bass part that I tried to make to sound like Yazoo’s ‘Only You’. Slavoj Žižek had this to say about love, and I like to think the song was written in the spirit of the quote: ‘If you have reasons to love someone, you don’t love them.'”

Gold & Youth – “Dying in LA” (Official Video)
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Are dreams the stuff of liberation, of beauty and freedom and life and future? Or are they a dose of painkiller that enables normalcy, a carrot perpetually dangling on a miles-long stick? This is the anxious central tension of Dream Baby, the long-awaited second full-length record from Vancouver’s Gold & Youth. “Is it a positive or a negative that we can kind of delude ourselves?” asks front person and primary songwriter Matthew Lyall. “It’s both.”

Dream Baby, due November 5 via Paper Bag Records, maps these complexities over a sharp, saccharine web of sounds: Bowie-ish art-rock, Leonard Cohen’s sardonic piano wit, throbbing new wave, and alt-pop that darts between arena ambition and bedroom cynicism. Lyall’s vision here is sprawling and maximalist with a healthy hint of the apocalyptic and the absurd—an aesthetic and tonal match for our times. It’s a fitting melange for a record that ricochets, dazed, past the horrors of extraction capitalism, imperialism, and white supremacy, but all the while clinging for dear life to the comfort and power of interpersonal relations and the possibilities they suggest. Dream Baby is about the myriad systems we’ve devised and implemented to damn our world, but it’s also committed to cultivating and protecting hope and resistance amidst it all. Against Raytheon, Amazon, heat waves, and state violence, we have each other and our collective dreams for a better world.


Oct 22, 2021 – Capital Ballroom, Victoria (with Yukon Blonde)
Oct 23, 2021 – Hollywood Theatre, Vancouver (with Yukon Blonde)

01. The Worse The Better
02. Empire State of Mind
03. Blush
04. Ruins
05. Dying in LA
06. Maudlin Days (Robocop)
07. 90s Night
08. Bohemian Grove [Digital Only]
09. A Strange Night at the Madonna Inn
10. Dancing With Chains
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