GODS OV WAR – WILCZYCA, SZNUR, SHRINE OV ABSURD, ANGRRSTH – New Albums Details. Released: April 17, 2021

– New Albums Details –


Third full-length from polish horde, to be released on April 17th. Wilczyca continues the road taken on their previuos works (‘Wilczyca’ and ‘Horda’) and that means no compromise. Those two maniacs are all about underground and primeval form of dark art. So, if you are into cold, raw and maniacal sound, you will find what you are looking for. ‘DrakoNequissime’ consists of six songs of pure black metal and features guest appearance of the one and mighty Roman Kostrzewski from polish legendary band Kat.

Album was performed, composed and produced by Wilczyca. Cover art by Michał Polaczek.
‘DrakoNequissime’ will be released as a jewel case CD and in digital format.

01. Nienawidzę Jezusa Chrystusa
02. Sic Luceat Lux
03. DrakoNequissime
04. Jeszcze zemści się ziemia
05. Czarny ołtarz
06. Nema

Nidhogg – Vocals
Louve – Guitars, Bass
Vør – Drums

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There is no hope, all that’s left is a rope! Use it! Third full-length of polish enigmatic black metal trio Sznur is coming! ‘Dom Człowieka’ will be released as a jewel case CD (standard and limited version) on April 17th. You may know the band from their previuos albums, but ‘Dom Człowieka’ takes them to the higher level. It is certainly the most matured and polished full-lenght in their discography so far. Black metal full of hate and misanthropy, perfect for our times! Suicide is upon you, prepare for it!

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Heinrich House Studio. Cover art by Pan P.

01. Czuję zapach Twojej cipy
02. Popłód
03. Co się stanie
04. Jestem Twoim śmieciem
05. Dom człowieka
Zer0 – Vocals
Seth – Guitars, Bass
Psycho – Drums

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Hailing from Cuba, Shrine Ov Absurd proudly stands as the most recognizable black metal act from this forgotten island. ‘Monotony’ is the second full-length album and will bring you almost fourty minutes of straight-forward black metal in the vein of the 90’s and 80’s. J., the man behind Shrine Ov Absurd, may live on the other side of the world, but european black metal scene and its roots, are no stranger to him. Second album is a big step forward, confirming that black metal has no boundaries, it can be crafted even under the palm trees! ‘Monotony’ is just a title, don’t let it mislead you! Album will be released of the April 17th as a standard jewel case CD.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at PMC Studios. Artwork conceptualization and layout by J. & PMC Designs.

01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV
05. V

J. – Everything

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Debut full-lenght from Toruń based polish black metal outfit. After highly regarded debut ‘Znikąd’, Angrrsth takes us for a mesmerizing journey through landscapes of black metal, full of aggressive riffs and captivating melodies. Do not expect straight continuation of previous work, this time Angrrsth goes even deeper into black metal in its classic form, but doesn’t run away from different influences, like heavy or thrash metal. ‘Donikąd’ is a mark of big progress of the band and puts them in the first league of polish underground. Without any doubts, with this work, Angrrsth sends the message to all of you – beware, it is just the beginnig! ‘Donikąd’ will be released on April 17th as a jewel case CD, black and blue tape and splatter, marbled or black vinyl.

Mixing and mastering by Maciej Marendowski. All the artwork by Igor Datkiewicz & WS Artworks.

01. Ciało me wyklęte
02. Niebiański pogrzeb
03. Niech się zaprze samego siebie
04. A czego tu się bać?
05. Pierwszy jest strach
06. Niebyt zmyślony
07. Ostatni akt

Grisch – Guitars
Hermann – Vocals
XII – Bass
Simon – Drums

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