God’s Hate // God’s Hate // Album Review

“Life is hard—be harder.” This is Gods Hate through & through.
Van Nuys natives Gods Hate are back to fill the void of weak metallic hardcore with a slab of what is the best hardcore record since Merauder’s “Master Killer” or Hatebreed’s “Perseverance”.
Now, these are big words, but coming from someone whos been a “hardcore kid” since the age of 15 years old and now just hitting my 35th birthday I feel like I have the vintage in taste to say Gods Hate are one of the most refreshing bands right now & the sad thing is not many people know of them.
But with this self-titled album, they will have no choice but to know.
Starting as a passion project between Colin Young (Twitching Tongues, Eyes Of The Lord) & Brody King (Ring Of Honor Wrestling Fame). “Brody is 6’5, covered in tattoos & he needs to front a band”, says Colin.
Setting out to reclaim the sound of the east coast bands like said Merauder, Hatebreed & the troy sounds of Stigmata alike.
Releasing 7inchs in 2014 & 2015 “Divine Injustice” & “Father Inferior” made me stand up and take notice of the band and quickly became one of my favourite bands, but also one of my favourite metallic hardcore bands of all time.
2016 saw the release of “Mass Murder”, the bands full length.
This album showed the world that Gods Hate wasn’t here to play around.
Tracks like “Violent Procreation” & “Righteous Fear” fermented the band to write some of the hardest tracks that year.
But a track like “Benevolent Submission” that closed the album showed a different side to the band. More melodic, but still heavy & very diverse; a sound I hoped we would hear in a follow-up. And that’s what we exactly get in “Gods Hate”
Opening up the album is the only way Gods Hate could. “We’re number one in violence” as the guitar feedback kicks in, pulsing bass, teasing you to what is one of the hardest intros to an album I’ve heard in 2021 straight into “Be Harder,” the first single from the album.
“Face the facts, I see through the fuckin’ act. I am true, and now I must break you.
Waste your life and pay the price. Life is hard, be harder.”
The lyrics here encompass Gods Hate.
Just by this first track alone, we have ridiculous breakdowns, the most inventive use of a splash cymbal, a chorus that gets in your head from the first listen, and an overwhelming sense of self-worth. I related to this track a lot upon release. I lost my father to cancer last year & hearing this track made me know I wasn’t alone in the fight, no matter what life throws at you, be harder. The message you want from a release after the worst 2020 for everyone!
“Finish The Job” is just as pissed off as the last track, a real ball-buster of a track, featuring some nice classic hardcore passages sprinkled in the chorus reminiscent of Carnivore, Agnostic Front building up to a bouncing groove of a bridge straight into an ass beating breakdown that manages to keep the groove of the chorus. 10/10 headbanger right there.
Now “Six Feet Deep” is what I hoped I would hear following “Mass Murder,” the diverse side of the band. Managing to add melodic vocal hooks in the chorus, but still keeping the song one of the hardest on the album, and now my favourite Gods Hate track.
Hearing Colin sing in tandem with Brody “In the back of your mind. I hope you know, you owe me your soul,” adds so much to the track, branching into a side of songwriting that gives “Six Feet Deep” an epic quality and not just your run of the mill track. Brilliant songwriting within this song.
“The Valley Beyond” is the new LA anthem, think Biohazards “Judgement Night” but harder ha!
Featuring legends Scott Vogel & Nick Jett (Terror) Aldo (Human Garbage) & The whole Gods Hate crew, Taylor, Martin, Colin & Anthonie all on vocal duties, this is one of the best hardcore collabs in a while; nothing but groove throughout and ending the track with breakdown taken the All Out War & Stigmata playbook, a perfect end to the track.
“War Man” is a real mix, part Slayer & Crowbar with an awesome sing-along chorus with multi-tracked vocals giving it that punch it needs. This track is simple but so effective & ending in a way I didn’t see coming was great. A different side of Gods Hate. A very slow breakdown, leading into another headbanger of an end track.
In the end Gods Hate has it all. They are able to deliver, yet again, an album that is wall to wall inventive breakdowns, vocal hooks & adds more to that diverse side of the band I had hoped for.
I can firmly see this being my favourite hardcore record of 2021, I just hope they don’t leave it a number of years for album 3!
Review: Joseph Mitchell
Gods Hate is out via Closed Casket Activities on 12th March 2021
01. Number One
02. Be Harder
03. Finish The Job
04. Six Feet Deep
05. God’s Hate
06. Eternity of Hate
07. Violence Unlimited
08. The Valley Beyond (818)
09. War Man
10. Social Class Warfare
Line Up:
Colin Young – Drums / Vocals
Brody King – Vocals
Anthonie Gonzalez – Guitar
Alec Faber – Bass
Taylor Young – Lead Guitar
Martin Stewart – Guitar
God’s Hate // God’s Hate // Album Review
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