Go Ahead And Die // Go Ahead And Die // Album Review


Now I could sit here for hours talking about the contribution that Max Cavalera & the whole Cavalera family have given to the metal world. There isn’t enough time in the day.

In my opinion, anything they touch has been a gem, be it Soulfly, Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy & Nailbomb to name just a few.

So when I heard rumblings that Max was teaming up with his son Igor Amadeus Cavalera & drummer Zach Coleman to write an album of politically charged punk & death metal-inspired bangers I was onboard.

I will start by saying this is a top-notch album. A total of 11 tracks, which if you picked any from the album as a single would stand up.

And that is where I feel the album does it best, it’s more a collection of songs rather than a band’s first album.

Similar to when a band writes their first demo, filled with the pure enjoyment of writing & a collection of their first material.

That in no way distracts from how this album flows, for I’m a first to the last track guy, rarely do I hit the shuffle button but with G.A.A.D you can do that & it still sounds killer.

“Truckload Full of Bodies” opens the album hard!

A stonker of an opening track. Igor Amadeus Cavalera & Max have a solid back & forth vocal performance and carry it on throughout the album. A fast Discharge style punk hardcore track with early thrash hints. A great way to open the album & a preview of what’s to come.

The second track “Toxic Freedom” is old-school Celtic Frost 1000% that early black metal infused thrash just makes this track a headbanger, Zach Coleman has a simple but solid drum performance on this track, keeping a pounding backbeat to the track that keeps it flowing so easily.

“Prophets Prey” is halfway through the album & for sure my favorite track.

This is where I feel the band was able to merge all the influences into one perfect track.

Giving me a huge feeling of Max’s Nailbomb this track is more on the “death metal side”. What would happen is Bolt Thrower & Napalm Death wrote a punk tune. Featuring one hell of a breakdown at the end of the track, if the band ever tours this will be a pit highlight for sure. The kind of track you hit repeat on!!

“G.A.A.D.” gives me heavy old Floridan death metal vibes, Slowly We Rot comes to mind, a slow intro straight into a mid-paced stomp that carries through the track & has little melodic touches sprinkled throughout.

Overall this album has it all. Whatever era of Max’s work you enjoy it is here, but for me, as a new band they stand up. There are no real rehashing here, just some brilliant politically charged pissed-off tracks which pretty much encompass the 2021s shit show!

I hope that G.A.A.D. write another album because if this first album is that good, I can see album 2 being something spectacular.

Joseph Mitchell

Go Ahead And Die is out via Nuclear Blast Records on 11th June 2021


1. Truckload Full of Bodies

2. Toxic Freedom

3. I.C.E. Cage

4. Isolated Desolated

5. Prophets Prey

6. Punisher

7. El Cuco

8. G.A.A.D.

9. Worth Less Than Piss

10. (In The) Slaughterline MFi T

11. Roadkill

Line Up:

Max Cavalera | Guitar and Vocals

Igor Amadeus Cavalera | Bass, Guitar, and Vocals

Zach Coleman | Drums


Go Ahead And Die // Go Ahead And Die // Album Review