Gloo - Stop & Stare - EP Review
Gloo - Stop & Stare - EP Review8
Gloo - Stop & Stare - EP Review8
Gloo - Stop & Stare - EP Review8
Gloo - Stop & Stare - EP Review8
Gloo - Stop & Stare - EP Review8
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Gloo have dropped their recent release Stop & Stare, an energetic and fun fill EP that resonates their passion for all things Pop-Punk-Rock. The self-titled opener is a melodic tour de-force that highlights this trio’s quality and more. Following up on last years debut album Pathetic Youth these guys have followed on the foundations laid by their angst ridden debut and channelled all that and more into Stop & Stare.

Tracks like ‘Standerby’ whilst are filled with thrashing guitars and gargantuan hooks are clean and simple, uncomplicated so you can fully embrace the magic within. This trio offer a savage approach on a beautifully produced EP. Sonically all tracks are strong and showcase why these guys are making waves, even with their DIY approach the band have produced a vibe that is both raw and polished at the same time. A contradiction in terms perhaps but with a spin of this fine recording you’ll soon understand, well worth checking out.


Out Now, Stop & Stare is available via all purveyors of fine music.



Stop & Stare


I’m Not Gonna Change

Great Idea

Bad Sign

Drama Queen

I’m A Mess


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