Giuseppe Zaupa is an Italian guitarist who has played for almost 20 years with modern progressive metal band Hypnotheticall. Today he released a Single “Waves of Hope” taken from the coming EP Waves (to be released on May 11th, 2020), the Single is available on Giuseppe Zaupa‘s official Youtube channel:

On this long journey he has played with many great musicians and learned a lot from them, both musically and personally. This experience has led him to develop his own musical style and to become the leader and main composer of the band.

Now this long adventure is over, due to his moving to another country, and he has started a new career as a solo musician.

First result of his new journey as a solist is “(Re)birth”, an instrumental 3-track EP in which progressive modern metal and djent merge with a guitar soloism influenced by artists such as Andy JamesIntervals and Plini.

On May 11th 2020 Giuseppe publishes Waves”, a 6-track instrumental concept EP in which he musically walks through the different phases of accepting a big change of life. The EP shows off his versatility as a musician, combining his modern progressive metal roots with his love for electronic music and acoustic ballads!!!

GIUSEPPE ZAUPA – “Waves of Hope”

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