Indie-rock trio Girl York have had a chaotic few years in the lead up to their next release, but they’re finally ready to let go with the announcement of their sophomore EP ‘Dreaming in 505’ set for release on Friday, November 30.

To celebrate the upcoming release of ‘Dreaming In 505’ and give one last tease of the full project, Girl York are releasing the lead single Lost At Sea; a cry for help in the vast sea of life that provides a comforting sense of direction and hopeful relief.

“Ultimately the song is about being completely lost in life, and pleading that it’s not you that has to endure a wasted life, because you haven’t lived, you haven’t loved. It’s only when it’s too late that you realise what you should do, and this haunts you without respite,” said front-man Shaun.

Lost At Sea may be the trio’s cry for help, a calling out in desperation for connectionyet is also a reflection of the present in understanding themselves.

“Attempting to chase the fix and desperate to realise the most perfect solutions, only leads to deteriorating relationships with those you love and admire, and respect from others, to the point at which you are the reason that you’re lost at sea,” said Shaun.

Despite its darker theme in comparison to their last single release, each track is connected together to create one meaning with positive messages sewn within.

“The feeling conveyed in each track tie them together as one offering; loneliness and depression resulting in a desperation to connect, with the only point of respite provided by forth listed and second single Dandies, finishing with the ironic closing line “I’m feeling just dandy”,” said Shaun.

Their upcoming EP has been almost four years in the making, struggling with one band member living overseas returning to Australia for a few days a month for tracking sessions, each track invariably resembles late night revelries that had dwindled down to the last dedicated few.


Girl York combine elements of dreamy shoegaze with harsh punk rock grit that will take you back to the 90s. With the release of their new EP the bands has a new fire and drive and are ready to hit you with their new sound.

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