Gin Lane // Unpleasant Promises // EP Review


The debut music from the mind of Drunk Motherfuckers Dodsferd, Grab, going under the name of Father W. the mastermind created this band after leaving Athens and moving back to Ierapetra in Crete.

Having released ‘Empty Life’ digitally in 2019 via the band’s official YouTube the first thing that will strike you if you have followed any of the other bands is that this is a change of sound and direction from the aforementioned bands.

With a philosophy that reads “Gin Lane represents death and desperation of a diseased community; of a world long drown by the absence of dignity” the content remains similar but with the clean lyrics and softer Rock feeling, this death and desperation feel comforting. As if you have made peace with what is happening and is still to come.

The reverb still crackles through the speakers as the beautiful music places you in trance and transports you to a disturbingly comfortable place that makes you feel relaxed with the situation as you slip under a spell that Father W has created.

The second track ‘Disposable Fright’ is a new song that is to give a flavour of what is to come in the album, slated for release in 2023.

The stripped-back offering is again very haunting and unsettles the soul even though the sound is so comforting. It is strange to find content so lacking positivity yet that makes you feel so relaxed and at one with inevitability.

Whilst the EP is made up of only two tracks, it captivates you for 13 minutes and in fact, you can’t help but have it on repeat and can comfortably lose a good chunk of time as your mind connects with the hypnotic sounds and you carried away on this dark yet cathartic journey.

Whether the fact of the matter is that we are all aware of our limited time on his earth so are relatively comfortable with the fact or whether Father W has created something that switches your mind to accept and almost embrace the fact is up to what you want to believe.

What isn’t I doubt is yet again, the incredible talent behind so much emotional and tough provoking music has done it again. Yes, it is a different sound to what we may be used to, but the softer sound does not mean less engaging, in some ways the clearer delivery means more impact.

Ed Ford

Unpleasant Promises will be released on March 28th 2022 via FYC Records.


  1. Empty Life
  2. Disposable Fright.



Official Videos:

Gin Lane – Disposable Fright (M.D. Productions)

Gin Lane – Empty Life (Nemesis Productions)


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