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GILT are a band I’ve never heard of before, but as a massive fan of Emotive-Post-Hardcore, I never miss up a chance to check out bands in the genre, especially since the split of my favourites within the genre, Casey. It’s an incredibly hard genre to get right, and I’m excited to dive in and see if GILT manage to pull it off in their new EP In Windows, Through Mirrors.

With a focus on topics such as gender dysphoria, body dysmorphia and mental health, I was instantly impressed by the level of emotion found within the vocal performance from singer Ash Stixx in the opening track In Windows (Ignore What’s Missing). With a great level of ambience that creates a feeling of isolation within the instrumentals, as well as a crushing breakdown, it’s definitely a great start.

Up next is Long Time Coming, that starts with a guitar lick that would feel right at home on a Midwest Emo track. Once again, Stixx’s vocals get an amazing level of emotion across almost effortlessly, as the backing instrumentals subtlety rise until an explosive chorus hits to drag out the anger within the band at the end of the track.

Closing the EP is Through Mirrors (I Didn’t Want You As A Mirror), and I felt like I was listening to a La Dispute track with the rough, anger filled screams that sound like someone crying out in emotional pain, alongside a haunting instrumental that somehow manages to encapsulate the range of thoughts that someone goes through during life changing moments. With one last build, the song has a crescendo that gave me goosebumps before ending with gentle piano over heart-breaking, teaful screams.

To say I’m impressed with In Windows, Through Mirrors would be an understatement. This genre is so difficult to get right, but when a band manages it, they create something truly special. That’s exactly what GILT has done with this EP. It’s emotive, raw, filled with passion and a great example of how powerful the genre can be. A great release from a band that could easily break into the genre as a main name.

The track features on forthcoming EP ‘In Windows, Through Mirrors’

Set for self release 11 November:

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Review: Daniel Stapleton



‘In Windows, Through Mirrors’ EP Track listing

  1. In Windows (Ignore What’s Missing
  2. Long Time Coming
  3. Through Mirrors (I Didn’t Want You As A Mirror)

GILT are:

Ash Stixx (they/she/he) – Vocals

Tyler Fieldhouse (they/them) – Guitar, Bass

Tilley Komorny (she/her) – Guitar

Connect with GILT:

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GILT // In Windows, Through Mirrors // EP Review
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