Gilby Clarke // The Gospel Truth // Album Review


Musician Gilby Clarke (Kings of Chaos, ex-Guns n’ Roses/ The MC5) brings his first solo music in almost 20 years. This is a wealth of life experience turned into a ten-track album of solid dependable Rock ‘N’ Roll.

The album opens with ‘Gospel Truth’ a song with a steady pumping bassline and a brass section that sounds like a train horn; something big and fast is about to enter.  The guitar work gives the song a casualness and Gospel backing vocals from Roberta Freeman lift it to another realm.  This is followed by the incredibly Bluesy ‘Wayfarer’ which has finger snaps, deeper vocals and organ sections, but morphs into a lighter, more playful melody.

The tracks are well-placed and the song formula is strongly structured throughout this album.   There are simple clear lyrics & choruses, tempo change-ups, prominent guitar solos and nothing feels forced.  Gilby Clarke makes the job seem effortless, whether it’s banging someone to rights with the slightly Western-sounding ‘Violation,’ fixing the worn-out and insane with the fairground-like roll-up and sing-song melodic chorus of ‘Rusted N Busted’ or the twisted tune, battleworthy guitar solo and generous dose of crash cymbal in ‘She Won’t Fight Fair.’  It is easy to build a picture of what is going down, yet nothing is overdone.  You will no doubt find yourself singing along to the many catchy tracks, even at first listen, not least the amusing ‘Tightwad,’- we all know one!

If you like condensed, relatable tales of characters and situations told with impeccable timing, delivered with quality musical backbone and a pleasant vocal burr then you’ll love this. Featuring guest spots from Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue/ Sixx: AM) on bass guitar plus both Kenny Aronoff (ex-John Mellencamp/ Chicken Foot) and Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction/ Hellride/ Infectious Grooves) on drums and percussion.


The Gospel Truth is out Friday 23rd April 2021 via Golden Robot Records




The Gospel Truth 03:57

Wayfarer 02:58

Tightwad 03:16

Rock ‘n’ Roll is Getting Louder 03:46

Wise Old Timer 03:36

Violation 03:52

The Ending 02:41

Dangerous Sin 03:02

Rusted N Busted 03:01

She Won’t Fight Fair 03:03

Gilby Clarke // The Gospel Truth // Album Review
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