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Releases Murder In The Dark EP, Out Today On Dirty Hit

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Today 23-year-old Gia Ford releases her new EP Murder In The Dark on Dirty Hit. The 9-track EP, co-produced by Gia and Fred Macpherson, can be heard in full on all streaming platforms today here. To celebrate the release, Gia shares the music video for the title track which was directed by her visual collaborator Melony Lemon.

While her debut EP, Poster Boy, was a vehicle prove to herself, and her audience, that she could write a pop hit, Murder In The Dark has its roots in darkness and uncertainty. The EP is a twisted exploration into the human condition that picks the listener up, spins them around, chews them up, and spits them out on the other side. Despite initially setting out to write a slightly comical lesbian vampire themed EP, Gia Ford mastered something far more nuanced and dark within 9 tracks, 3 of which she describes as interludes. Growing up in Sheffield, her musical education included everything ranging from Bjork and Queens of The Stone Age, to Electric Light Orchestra and Duran Duran. Surrounded by music, particularly music that embraced both darkness and theatrics, she realised that it was something she could tap into.

Gia explains, “Murder In The Dark is a much more sophisticated EP for me, it’s more nuanced musically and in terms of the world it inhabits. Since I was a kid I’ve always been drawn to the dark corners of our societies, the shadow in the alley, the serial killer next door kind of thing. So I wanted to create that tone across the EP. It’s nice to mysticise that a little bit and have control over that narrative, it’s a distraction from all the real horrors one might face in our lives.”

Ford spent three years developing her sound. Her first EP, Poster Boy, was a reflection of that; encapsulated in a name derived from that fact that as a child she wanted to be a boy, but simultaneously celebrating the fact that there are some iconic pin-ups who carry that same energy.

Assuming the moniker Gia Ford, Molly McCormick reaches for a name that is punchy, reminiscent of 80s American pop culture. This new identity allows her to reach into fashion as a heightened version of herself and leaks into music and allowing her to create a world within a world. Much of this world that Gia Ford creates comes from the visuals that accompany it. Collaborating again with Melony Lemon, the visuals echo the colour-rich but atmospherically dark themes of cultish film noir. With touches of the early films of Tarantino, camp-y noir horror and Black Mirror, Murder In The Dark shows the pinwheel of darker human emotions, but retains a fun element, both visually and sonically.

You can buy Murder In The Dark NOW



  1. Texting In The Dark
  2. Waterslide
  3. You & I (GUM)
  4. Bathwater
  5. Dizziness
  6. Bad Love Hook
  7. Anywhere You Are!
  8. Redrum
  9. Murder In The Dark

Praise for ‘Poster Boy’ EP:


“A lo-fi R&B bop complete with heart-wrenching vocals and glimmering ‘80s production” – The FADER


“Poster Boy is a brilliant showcase of not only the young Londoner’s powerful voice but also of her experimental creative side.” – The Line of Best Fit


“Gia Ford has a knack for taking her heartbreak, churning it up, and turning it into a low-key pop banger.” – NME


“Breaking the mould, Gia’s mission is both personal yet public, intimate yet collective, challenging the social commentary, while embarking on her own journey of exploration.” – LOVE Magazine


“Gia sets out her stall as one of the most refreshing new singer-songwriters about, whetting the appetite for more.” – DIY


“Ford’s unmistakable incomparable musical and aesthetic style has positioned her as one of the most exciting young voices in the industry at the moment, and we can’t wait to see where she goes next.” – Wonderland


“Fusing infectious alt-pop styles with a clear fondness for 90s R&B, Gia Ford’s ruthless honesty marks her out from the pack.” – Clash


“New voice on the block.” – Nowness




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