Ghost Bath // Self Loather // Album Review


How does a ban follow up such a stunning album as Starmourner? Let’s find out as Ghost Bath bring the final piece of the trilogy to the world which also included Moonlover.

Between Starmourner and now, the Depressive Black Metallers have had a worldwide pandemic to contend with and I can tell you now, you will experience emotion and more that you didn’t know you could feel as you take this journey.

The band that was clouded in mystery when they formed in 2012, were rumoured to hail from Chongqing, China as a solo project. We later discovered that the five-piece band were actually from Minot, North Dakota. The thing that has never been unsure is the fact that Ghost Bath make more than records, they make experiences that get lost in.

Opening with ‘Convince Me To Bleed’ you can be forgiven if you don’t spot a guest spot by C.J Mahon of Thy Art Is Murder, as his vocal fits the track perfectly. It is not a vocal you may expect however the music grips your soul and you are under the spell.

The earworm riffs head straight down the ear canal and bury into your brain as the drums cause the effect of a hammer drill. The blend of softer and beautifully disturbing sounds is in full force by the time ‘Hide From the Sun’ arrives and the utterly stunning piano work on ‘I Hope Death Finds Me Well’ really shows how the blend of Depressive Black Metal and the crippling tinkle of the ivories can work in perfect harmony. The hypnotic effect of the music will place you in a dark and concerning place in a way that only the best music can.

If there is a positive that has come from the pandemic then Self Loather must be the one. We have all experienced tough times and the way that the tones, atmospheric screams and music just delve into your psyche and unlock every emotional box that you had thought you had locked away safely.

This is one of the most engaging and disturbing albums that I have heard and jumps up the list of the best albums of this year. Trust me, you press play and the album has its claws into you and you don’t want them to ever release. What a superb and cathartic piece of art that Self Loather is.

Self Loather will be released Friday 29th October 2021 via Nuclear Blast.




  1. Convince Me to Bleed
  2. Hide from the Sun
  3. Shrines of Bone
  4. Sanguine Mask
  5. A Crystal Lattice
  6. Sinew and Vein
  7. I hope death finds me well
  8. For it is a Veil
  9. Unbearable
  10. Flickering Wicks of Black


Ghost Bath // Self Loather // Album Review
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