Germany’s ska punkers RATANPLAN release their new album ‘Stay Rudel – Stay Rebel’ on 25th January via Drakkar Entertainment

The Hamburg-based ska punk legend from St. Pauli return with their 10th studio album, delivering 10 explosive songs about the sometimes serious and sometimes not-so-serious sides of life. ‘Stay Rudel – Stay Rebel’ brings you the sound from Hamburg’s red light district and gives Rock ‘n’ Roll its soul back.
Recorded live, there’s no place for overflowing kitsch, subsynthesizers, strings, percussions or other stuff…Instead you get guitar, bass, drums, vocals, trumpet, trombone, some organ here and there – that’s it.
Rantanplan are still Germanys number one ska punk band!

‘Stay Rudel – Stay Rebel’ also features an illustrious list of guests:
 “Stay Rudel – Stay Rebel” feat. Ingo and Guido Knollmann (Donots), Joshi (ZSK), Benno Kupsa (Der Wahnsinn), Pedi
“An/Aus” feat. Flo v. Schwarz (Pyogenesis)
“Nachtzug nach Paris” feat. N’gone Thiam (Delaydies / Jan Delay’s Disco No.1)
“Partytrick” feat. Sprinder (Liedfett), Der Flotte Totte (Monsters of Liedermaching)

Torben Möller-Meissner (Vocals), Fabian Vehreschild (Bass), Marlon Fertinger (Drums), Wido Sauer (Trumpet), Gero Graas (Trombone)

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