German True Metal ensemble HAMMER KING have released a music video for “At The Mercy of the Waves,” a song from forthcoming album Poseidon Will Carry Us Home. Check it out at:
HAMMER KING will release their third full-length, Poseidon Will Carry Us Home, on October 5 via Cruz Del Sur Music. Recorded at Studio Greywolf with POWERWOLF bassist Charles Greywolf at the helm, Poseidon Will Carry Us Home is an unabashed bow to classic, anthemic, hook-laden metal, proving HAMMER KING was more than up to the task of meeting the often-high expectations that come with a band’s third album.
The album will be available on CD, digital, and black (300 copies) and blue (200 copies) vinyl LP formats.
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Variety abounds on Poseidon Will Carry Us Home, with HAMMER KINGengaging in strident, call-to-arms jaunts like the opening title track and “Battle Of Wars”. Twin guitar harmonies and fierce gallops highlight “7 Days And 7 Kings”and “Where The Hammer Hangs”, while the true metal call is heeded on the mid-tempo “Warriors Of Angelhill” and “Glorious Nights Of Glory.” HAMMER KING‘s progression is best exemplified on album standout “We Sail Cape Horn,” an adventurous, sea-faring number that is equal nods to classic IRON MAIDEN and progressive rock.
An album stocked with future anthems at every corner, Poseidon Will Carry Us Home is representative of a band now hitting its creative stride – and fully realizing it.
“Come along to the court of The King and bask in the glow of Hammer King’s greatest triumph to date. Long live The King!”
 – Decibel Geek
“Featuring 11 songs of pure and bombastic true metal, ‘Poseidon Will Carry Us Home’ finds Hammer King honing in on their obvious strengths and expanding their sonic palette at the same time.”
– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life
“This album is about the pure joy of metal!” 8/10
– Markus’ Heavy Music Blog

“From the Hammerfall-esque vocals of Titan Fox, to the chunky riffs straight out of early Avantasia or Manowar, to the drum beats that you could predict down to the hi hat strike, this band is not here to revolutionise the genre but revive it.”
– Overdrive Music Magazine
“Great power metal, loaded with immutable riffs and directed by memorable choruses.”


“An enjoyable album for all fans of power and epic heavy metal!” 
“This band is in good shape! True heavy metal!” 

Cruz Del Sur Music titles are distributed by:
Germany / Austria / Switzerland : SOULFOOD MUSIC
Usa / Canada: MVD
Rest of Europe: SOULFOOD MUSIC

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