GENESIS | New Single From A Titan A Deity

“The new single ‘Genesis’ is based around a semi sci-fi and religious concept and tells the story of an interstellar being that was created at the dawn of the universe, who takes control of the mind of someone on Earth in the present day to act as his prophet, to spread his will and change Earth to his image.
Throughout the song the lyrics shift perspectives between this being, and his prophet and the psychic symbiotic relationship that develops between the two.

Formed in 2016, A Titan, A Deity are a group of like minded musicians from previously established bands that came together to create a new blend of Progressive Metalcore, big riffs, leads, and contrasting vocals from their own individual creative influence.

After forming and within a relatively short period, 2016 saw A Titan A Deity burst onto the Birmingham metal scene securing a support to one of their big influences, Monuments. This show not only proved their right to be among more established bands in the scene but also gave the band the drive and inspiration towards their debut EP. From this point the band gigged extensively in the Midlands, further developing their sound before recording and releasing their debut EP Animate/Redefine in 2018 to a sold out crowd and strong reviews.

Off the back of the Debut Ep in 2018, the band hit the road again securing more big name supports on high profile shows with the likes of The Contortionist, Uneven Structure, Loathe, Novelists and Voyager making them one of the go to names for Birmingham Progressive Metalcore.

Now with a honed, hard hitting sound, the next stage of ATAD leads to the singles Carpe Noctem and Lilith, receiving airplay on BBC Introducing, as well as becoming fan favourite tracks in their energetic and emotive live show.
With new plans and new music on the horizon, A Titan, A Deity have only just started.



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