Gemini Syndrome // 3rd Degree – The Raising // Album Review


3rd Degree – The Raising is Gemini Syndrome’s third full-length album, five years since the release of Memento Mori and 8 years since their debut Lux, with an interesting concept in regard to these albums, Lux meaning Light, was concerned with Birth; Memento Mori, meaning remember that we must die, dealt with the finite nature of life; whilst 3rd Degree – The Raising, is of traversing death, being reborn and reintegrating with our true self and thus being raised into the next degree of experience. I was very intrigued with this band as I like the concept and I’ve been blown away by this record

Before the album’s release, four singles have been released ‘Reintegration’, ‘IDK’, ‘Die with Me’ and ‘Abandoned’, with ‘IDK’ in particular standing out, showcasing Aaron’s dynamic vocal range, varying from Softly sung vocals to the harsh screams. The chorus on this one is very memorable, had me singing it long after listening to this track. ‘Reintegration’, being the first track, introduces the album in the best way possible, grungy sounding guitars, passionate vocals and whilst not necessarily in the forefront at times, great sounding drums and bass and with each listen, you really appreciate all the layers involved here. ‘Baptized in Fire’ is another track that grew on me with more and more listens. The layers on the vocals are really something, which is true for the whole album, but on this track, they are very satisfying. ‘Broken Reflection’ and ‘Absolution’ are the other two stand out tracks for me, both showing the best of Gemini Syndrome and choruses to remember.

3rd Degree – The Raising is a very strong album that needs to be listened to in full, you get lost and sucked into the brilliance, with not a single album filler. It’s an album that grows on me the more I listen and it’s already becoming one of my favourites.

Peter Watts

3rd Degree – The Raising is out via Century Media on 15th October 2021



  1. Reintegration
    2. IDK
    3. Die With Me
    4. Baptized In Fire
    5. Children of the Sun
    6. Abandoned
    7. Broken Reflection
  2. Sum Quod Eris
    9. Best Of Me
  3. Absolution
  4. Hold The Line
  5. Where We Started From
  6. Fiat Lux

Line up:

Aaron Nordstrom – Vocals/Keyboards

Brian Steele Medina – Drums/Programming

Alessandro “AP” Paveri – Bass

Meegs Rascón – Guitar

Nicholas Paul Arnold – Touring Guitar

Gemini Syndrome // 3rd Degree – The Raising // Album Review
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