Gaz Price – Underclass Heart – OUT NOW


GAZ, A.k.a Hartlepool’s Gaz Price is a 27-year-old brutally honest singer-songwriter who is

passionate about the town he was brought up in. The passion that shines through

Hartlepool, and its dedication to music, is what inspires Gareth in his song writing.

Writing hard-hearted songs about life, his upbringing and his surroundings, Gareth has been

a large part of the open mic scene in Hartlepool for years, fine-tuning his craft and honing

his skills while growing his fanbase and fame locally, with the release of his new single, ‘Underclass Heart’ he is determined to branch out right across the UK as Gaz Price has

dreams of international success, but knows he must take it one step at a time.

Gaz was brought up on punk-rock music of the ‘80s, with his Dad a huge fan of The

Clash and The Sex Pistols, and when he was 10, he was inspired to pick up a guitar after

watching The Stone Roses and Oasis on TV. Many do this, but few continue and persevere

to the point where they are the genuine article.

In his own words, GAZ noted: “If I could get somewhere between a Gallagher and Billie Joe

Armstrong, I would be happy.”

Having played at the likes of The Cluny in Newcastle and even The Cavern Club in Liverpool,

as well as well-respected venues in Hartlepool such as The Pot House and other great

venues GAZ has the drive, passion, and sound to play any stage and make it his own.

More importantly, Gaz Price has something to say and that something is worth listening to.


‘Underclass Heart’ is a brutally honest refection on society.

The knowledge that we can’t wait about for a fabled “underclass hero” to save us from the life we live, the only way we can make it is by hard work and unity.

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