Gary Moore // Live From London // Album Review
Gary Moore // Live In London // Album Review 9
Gary Moore // Live In London // Album Review 9
Gary Moore // Live In London // Album Review 9
Gary Moore // Live In London // Album Review 9
Gary Moore // Live In London // Album Review 9
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As an Irishman myself born and bred in Belfast, there is no greater pride musically than the legacy left by the greats of the likes of Thin Lizzy and of course the late great Gary Moore. Growing up in Ireland you couldn’t turn your head without seeing some reference to the legacy around you, t-shirts as far as the eye could see, posters on walls and on the airwaves the classics would be played on commercial radio in honor of the lads themselves.

When Moore, of course, went solo he had a crazy journey musically enjoying his Rock roots until eventually embracing his inner calling for the Blues and settling as one of Irelands finest ever six-string slingers and recognized worldwide as an absolute animal on the guitar. His Les Paul his staple, a raspy voice and classic songs that will forever live on in the hearts and memory of Blues/Rock lovers far and wide.  One time Moore was due to play Belfast, I remember being highly excited at the prospect of finally catching him live, a Sunday night no less when the majority of local guitar players would have a night off and of course, would be in attendance at the Church of Moore, sadly the gig was canceled and within a few years or so, Moore would be dead at 58. I sadly never got to see him play live.

A great loss to Irish music but with such a rich legacy left behind, Gary Moore would always live on in the hearts and minds of those he moved, thankfully his last tour would be captured and we have ‘Live From London’ one of Moore’s final recordings when he was his absolute best. What you get are thirteen sumptuous tracks that include all his killer numbers and have of course those infamous songs, ‘Still Got The Blues’ and ‘Parisienne Walkways’, which no live show of Moore’s, would ever be without.

Alongside these anthems you get Moore lashing his way from ‘Oh Pretty Woman’ and ‘Since I Met You Baby’ and ‘Walking By Myself’ all with that signature tone and animalistic nature. His playing is sublime and awe-inspiring with his touch, tone and control is something to be admired as he makes that Les Paul sing. It is heart-wrenching to think that these were some of Moore’s last recordings, a talent took far too soon and in such a manner that was as gut-wrenching as his emotive playing. Thankfully we do have Live In London to look back on, it is indeed a fitting addition to the recordings which Moore has left for his fans and one that they will no doubt embrace wholeheartedly.

Live From London is out today, January 31st 2020 via Provogue/Mascot Label Group.




Track Listing
1. Oh, Pretty Woman
2. Bad For You Baby
3. Down The Line
4. Since I Met You Baby
5. Have You Heard
6. All Your Love
7. Mojo Boogie
8. I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
9. Too Tired / Gary’s Blues 1
10. Still Got The Blues
11. Walking By Myself
12. The Blues Alright
13. Parisienne Walkways


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