Gaerea // Limbo // Album Review
Gaerea // Limbo // Album Review9
Gaerea // Limbo // Album Review9
Gaerea // Limbo // Album Review9
Gaerea // Limbo // Album Review9
Gaerea // Limbo // Album Review9
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Portuguese Black Metal five-piece Gaerea began to create their special kind of darkness in 2016 with their debut EP being released in November of the same year and two years later the debut full length was unleashed with Unsettling Whispers. The band was involved in touring Europe and Chine as well as a tour with Numenorean and now has come the time for the follow-up.

The album starts with a sinister-sounding guitar that builds the atmosphere beautifully as ‘To Ain’ slowly progresses, the anticipation increases whilst also the feeling of something dramatic and probably evil is about to be unleashed and this happens just shy of the two-minute mark as the drums begin the march and the guitars are stepped up as well of a gloriously gravely Black Metal vocal that scorches its mark on everything laid before it.

The recording is a modern sounding Black Metal without the muffled sounds of the Old School, yet there is still an edge to the sound, the drums are big and blunt and the guitars don’t scythe through, more of a dampened drone that works amazingly well. This is no criticism of the band at all, it works fantastically well and adds to the atmosphere especially of the melodies that the band seems so well versed at adding into the mix. 

Gaerea appears to be both comfortable and extremely capable of creating music from both ends of the spectrum as one minute you feel like you are being taken on a journey into the darkness before the power is unleashed and suddenly it is some nightmarish blackness, the combination of which is a true treat.

The album consists of 6 tracks that span some 52 minutes, with only one track being under five minutes, however, each track really feels like it takes on its own persona and is engaging throughout. The band has created something of a modern wonder that truly deserves to grab attention far and wide and push the band to the forefront of the Black Metal scene.

Limbo is a beautifully constructed piece of darkness, the kind of which is hard to come about and should be savored in its entirety, I know that I have on a number of occasions and will continue to.

Ed Ford


Limbo will be released Friday, July 24th 2020 via Season of Mist.


Track List

  1. To Ain
  2. Null
  3. Glare
  4. Conspiranoia
  5. Urge
  6. Mare



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