Adelaide two-piece rock outfit Fyre Byrd are back with their new single ‘Anywhere I Am Is Home’, out now through Golden Robot Records, produced by Steve Balbi.

The brother/sister duo of Fyre Byrd have taken advantage of the chemistry they have built as siblings over the years, making their presence known with Daniella’s animalistic drums and Joshua’s vocals and heavily distorted guitar that drive the melodic energy of their songs.

Fyre Byrd’s debut single, ‘Take Me Out’ introduced the band to the world and ‘Anywhere I Am Is Home’ takes the next logical step. Blending classic songwriting with Josh’s distinctive vocal sound and wired modern guitar on top of Daniella’s animalistic, hard hitting drums, it’s indie rock/pop at its finest.

Josh says ‘Anywhere I Am Is Home is “a follow on from Take Me Out which talks about feeling like you’re stuck in a rut that you can’t get out of, AIAIH is about finding a way to be content no matter where you are. It’s dedicated to our family, friends and fans (we call them our brats) around the world. They always make us feel at home.

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