Fuzz Rock up&coming WOLF PRAYER release brand new video!
Echoes Of The Second Sun to be released July 5th with Barhill Records!



German-based fuzz-driven power rock trio wolf prayer are set to release their upcoming debut album, Echoes Of The Second Sun, this Friday on August 5th with Barhill Records. The up & coming band creates a very special vibe of dry-to-the-bone-riffing and atmospheric sounds that will take you on a wild ride of fuzzy guitars, versatile vocals, strong hypnotic bass lines and pounding beats – exactly how handmade, atmospheric stoner- noise- and desert rock should sound like!

In celebration of wolf prayer‘s upcoming album release, the band unleashed a brand new video to the rock juggernaut Desert! Just exclusively premiered with Rock Hard Magazine, you can now watch the lyric video clip right HERE!

Our second single Desert reflects the feeling of being alone and wandering through an empty desert with no specific destination in mind.” the band explains. “Friends and family members would like to help you, to find back onto the “right path”, but you keep asking yourself: “Is this really the right path for me?” Everybody can identify itself with this situation or mindset at some point in life: the feeling of being the only one getting beaten down, to lose your grip. But in the end you are not the only one experiencing this, and you are never totally alone.”



Album Tracklisting:

1. Average Man
2. According To The Rule
3. Desert
4. Shapeshifter
5. New Morning
6. Like A Fool
7. Strings Like A Puppet
8. Feed My Brain
With their debut album Echoes Of The Second Sun, wolf prayer invites the listener to close their eyes and join a trip with the band through atmospheric soundscapes, hard riffs and hypnotic melodies. Accompanied by lyrics, in which the band members deal with loss, desire and new beginnings and try to process the past, the music is still their priority. Due to their fuzzy style, their songs clearly remind you of the stoner rock genre, but they can’t and won’t be nailed down, which is portrayed on the album by experimental and surprising song parts.


Coming out July 5th with Barhill Records, Echoes Of The Second Sun is available at THIS LOCATION!


wolf prayer live:
04.07.2019 DE – Hannover // Rocker
05.07.2019 DE – Dortmund // Big Tipi Beats
06.07.2019 DE – Bielefeld // Extra Blues Bar
26.07.2019 DE – Breitenbach am Herzberg // Burg Herzberg Festival
17.10.2019 DE – Bayreuth // Glashaus
18.10.2019 DE – Dachau // Freiraum
19.10.2019 DE – Saarbrücken // Kleiner Klub (Barhill Records Night, w/ Flares and Cannahann)

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