Mobius – ‘Bhati’


“Their progressive metal music is rich and has atmospheric moments, balanced by the complete opposite mood. The mastery of Heli’s vocals is deeper than a lot of bands with female vocals, [and the] lyrical choirs give the album an interstellar dimension.”
Rock Hammered

“A giant fire magma of rhythms with spices from all over the world”
French Metal

“In addition to the existing progressive elements already mentioned and the distinctive “hard” direction, MOBIUS also offers surprising moments with aspects that seem “oriental” to some extent. Tempo changes, versatile vocals … the material is varied and appealing. Even after several listenings, you will always discover something new”
Metal-Heads (DE)


With their second studio album ‘Kala’ releasing on 30th January 2020, French modern progressive metal outfit MOBIUS have unleashed ‘Bhati’, the second video single drawn from their forthcoming release.

Marrying sharp, djent-affected guitar riffs with smooth, jazz-infused piano melodies and a tight, complex rhythmic backdrop, latest video single ‘Bhati’ inflicts a captivating battle between the realms of meditative serenity and energetic, head-bang-worthy intensity. Where previous single ‘Akasha’ dealt with death and the concept of the afterlife, ‘Bhati’ focuses on rebirth, reincarnation and new explosions of vitality. ‘Bhati’ premiered on the Metal Injectionwebsite on 13th January.


As Mobius vocalist Héli Andrea recalls, the band’s sound engineer became a father during the writing process of the album, which sparked the inspiration for the lyrical concept of the band’s latest single.

“‘Bhati’ is the story of a baby coming to the world,” explains the Mobius vocalist. “I like the idea of reincarnation, and following on from the concept of ‘Akasha’, this song lies at the precise transitional moment between death and rebirth. Here, everything is conflicted: the child struggles to hold on to the memories of a past life as new sensations emerge and he experiences unlimited love from his new parents and family. In this moment I imagine there to be anguish, sadness but happiness at the same time.”

Releasing on 30th January 2020, much of the thematic inspiration tied to ‘Kala’ comes from the experience of loss, with the death of Héli’s stepfather forming much of the lyrical content surrounding their upcoming studio album. Despite the negative emotions attributed to death, Mobius’ latest video single ‘Bhati’ begins 2020 with a reminder to all that life is precious, fleeting, and to be enjoyed and cherished as fully as possible.

Fusing western progressive metal with broad sweeps of middle-eastern influence, ‘Kala’ – the forthcoming studio album from Mobius – is available to pre-order now viaBandCamp. ‘Bhati’ is available to stream now via Spotify

Out 30th January 2020
1. A
2. Abhinivesha (watch on YouTube)
3. Sharira
4. U
5. Mukti
6. Akasha (Watch on YouTube)
7. M
8. Bhati (Watch on YouTube)
9. Agni

Heli Andrea – Vocals
Xavier Pompon – Guitars
Alexandre Gaudencio – Bass Guitar
Guillaume Deveaux – Keyboards
Adrien Brunet – Drums



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