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‘Akasha’ – Single Out Now
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Mobius – ‘Akasha’


“Their progressive metal music is rich and has atmospheric moments, balanced by the complete opposite mood. The mastery of Heli’s vocals is deeper than a lot of bands with female vocals, [and the] lyrical choirs give the album an interstellar dimension.”
Rock Hammered

“A giant fire magma of rhythms with spices from all over the world”
French Metal

“In addition to the existing progressive elements already mentioned and the distinctive “hard” direction, MOBIUS also offers surprising moments with aspects that seem “oriental” to some extent. Tempo changes, versatile vocals … the material is varied and appealing. Even after several listenings, you will always discover something new”
Metal-Heads (DE)


Having recently announced details of their sophomore studio album ‘Kala’ – releasing on 30th January 2020 – modern progressive metal outfit MOBIUS have now unveiled ‘Akasha’, the brand new video single pulled from the heart of their forthcoming release which premiered on Prog Magazine’s website.

Fusing ambient, djenty riffs of western metal with middle-eastern vocal influence, the deeply immersive experience offered by the latest single from Mobius is decorated with broad, transcendent tones and tense, haunting melodic exploration – a combination that is likely to entice contemplative thought on both ethereal and spiritual concepts. 

Indeed, the title of the latest offering from the french quintet’s forthcoming album – ‘Akasha’ – translates from Sanskrit to ‘ether’, with the song’s lyrical content exploring the concept of cremation, and the return of of the body and soul into the natural and spiritual world.


“‘Akasha’ is about a deceased body being burnt, and, more specifically, what happens to our soul when we pass away.” explains Mobius vocalist Héli Andrea. “Though the body is reduced to ash and committed to the earth, I imagine that a person’s soul (or spirit), free from the corporeal form, is released into the atmosphere. Our essence travels in the air, rising up to ultimately rejoin the universe. After we die, our spirit continues its path, becoming universal and traveling far. What happens from there is anyone’s guess, but I like to believe that our life essence is used once more, in the creation of new life.”

As previously detailed by the band, much of the thematic inspiration tied to ‘Kala’ comes from the experience of loss, with the loss of Héli’s stepfather forming much of the lyrical content that surrounds their upcoming studio album. Yet, despite the sombre exterior of ‘Akasha’, the french quintet have each noted a deeply connecting experience when performing their latest single in a live setting.

Keyboardist Guillaume Deveaux notes that “‘Akasha’ really moves me, it has something enigmatic from beginning to end, and even a mystic, tribal force during its second half. The feeling while playing this song is out of this world, I really feel this connection to my band members and the audience when we play this song.”

‘Akasha’ is available to stream and download now via this link. Mobius will independently release ‘Kala’ on 30th January 2020. Pre-orders of the album are available to purchase via BandCamp.

Heli Andrea – Vocals
Xavier Pompon – Guitars
Alexandre Gaudencio – Bass Guitar
Guillaume Deveaux – Keyboards
Adrien Brunet – Drums


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6EzDZf8lroTzeaeK4Xrk1R
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/TheMobiusTV
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mobiusofficialband
Bandcamp: https://mobiusofficial.bandcamp.com

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