Fury Weekend Sparks Collaboration with The Anix in New Single, “Illumination”

Los Angeles, California – Past and future collide on the epic new collaboration between Fury Weekend and The Anix, “Illumination.” The song perfectly blends Fury Weekend’s iconic synthwave sound with The Anix’s darkened future rock songwriting style for a piece that will resonate with fans of both creators.

“Illumination” is out now from independent synthwave label FiXT Neon.

Stream / Purchase: “Illumination”



About Fury Weekend

The Fury Weekend project was created when Belarus-based Ars Nikonov chose to combine his love of classic rock, electronic music, and ‘80s culture into a forward thinking music venture. The result is a dystopian synthwave sound that blends bright synth melodies and gritty guitar work into a singular music vision of the future.

The uniqueness of Fury Weekend should come as no surprise given the artist’s background, which involves ambitious projects ranging from industrial to post-rock. Diversant: 13, Cold in May, Martian Love, Seanine, and Tribal A.D. are some of the many names that fill Ars’ creative resume, and each of those has given the creator the experience and tools needed to make an impact with his retro-futuristic synthwave project.

In late 2018, Fury Weekend signed a multi-album deal with FiXT Neon, re-releasing his first three EPs and full-length album while preparing for a second full-length, Escape from Neon City. 2019 marked a breakout year for Fury Weekend as new singles like “Thousand Lights” featuring Megan McDufffee and the Scandroid collaboration on “Euphoria” were immediate hits, propelling Fury Weekend over 120,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Escape from Neon City marks the latest milestone in Fury Weekend’s rapidly ascending career.

Now, in 2020, Fury Weekend is back continuing to release regular singles as he builds towards his next full-length album with FiXT Neon.

About FiXT Neon
By taking a visionary stance toward synthwave and its related genres, FiXT Neon has cultivated a roster of ambitious and innovative artists who are redefining the next generation of retro synth music. Although the label embraces a diverse selection of styles, from rock-flavored tracks to atmospheric cyberpunk and sunny popwave, its artists all have one thing in common: they all make great music. FiXT Neon provides an outlet for unique, personal creations that will resonate with synthwave fans of all types.

FiXT Neon provides a launching pad for the most talented and forward-thinking synthwave artists of the new era. Starting with a core group of big-name creators including Scandroid, PYLOT, The Bad Dreamers, LeBrock, Mega Drive, and others, the label has quickly made an impact on the synthwave world and has become the key destination for top-tier releases from artists on the cutting edge of the genre.


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