Time To Kill Records welcome FULCI to the roster with their second full-length album. Formed in 2013 and hailing from Caserta, southern Italy, FULCI are a death metal band named after legendary director Lucio Fulci, the Master of gore (“Zombi 2”, “The Gates of Hell”, “The Beyond”, “The New York Ripper”, “The House by the Cemetery”, etc).

FULCI fuse old school death metal riffs, groovy slams and horror samples for a malicious medley of controlled chaos that wakes the dead! A non-stop aural assault for fans of Dying Fetus, Mortician, Suffocation, Obituary and Devourment.

Band and label will reveal the details of the upcoming second album in the coming weeks. In the meantime, FULCI will play Milan’s Grinder Fest 2019supporting ROTTEN SOUND on the 31st March.

FULCI line-up:

Dome – Guitar, Synth
Fiore – Vocals
Klem – Bass


Incubus in the Surgery Room / City of the Living Dead EP (2014)
Opening the Hell Gates (2015)



Time To Kill Records


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