Fugitive // Scarlet Rebels // Revival Black // Live Review // The Nightrain // Bradford
Fugitive // Scarlet Rebels // Revival Black // Live Review // The Nightrain // Bradford
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Hitting up Bradford’s latest rock venue ​the Nightrain, is ​The Rising Tour​ with ​Scarlett Rebels and ​Revival Black​.

Opening the night’s antics are ​Fugitive​, who has a very distinctive hard rock sound. They grabbed the crowd’s attention straight away but just in case anyone wasn’t fully involved, a few pyrotechnics on the end of their instruments during the second song made sure of it. It may be the first time most of the crowd has seen these guys, but I’d say it’s a safe bet they won’t forget this band in a hurry. Completely enthralling to watch along with all the colored smoke, the music is well written and performed. The guys are clearly very talented and know how to work a room. “Raised on Rock” from their up and coming album certainly went down with its anthemic feel, and holds promise for the rest of the album. It’s a great start to a Saturday night.


The energetic ​Scarlet Rebels​ are up next tonight and they are coming full force. The crowd instantly pushes forward to get closer to the action, the anticipation of what’s bound to be a killer show. This is a band that play to their crowd as the hair is flipped and they come up close to the front of the stage. What’s always nice about a smaller venue is quite how close you can get to the band and these guys certainly know the strength of that. Along with this closeness, they extend it further by revealing more about the songs themselves. They have a personality that makes the crowd feel like friends even having banter with the fans. The overall experience of seeing these guys is being able to take a step closer to them and there’s no disappointment in that department tonight. The set tonight is full of great tracks that get the crowd dancing along and enjoying themselves with even a little sing along too. It’s not the biggest venue but the crowd is loud enough to make you think it’s much bigger and that’s just further proof of how comfortable they guys make you feel in the room.


Closing out the night, and the headline act, ​Revival Black ​was ready to show us how to rock out. Making the most of the spacious stage this is a band born to perform, as you’re left not quite knowing who to keep your eyes on as each member shows off their personality! They may have had a slight technical issue but they quickly bounced back with more energy than ever. The night might have been getting later but no one seemed to have told these guys as they never seemed to stop moving throughout the night. They bounced from one track to the next and even threw in some ‘dirty blues’ with their track “Midnight Oil”. This track seemed to really showcase ​Dan​ ​Byrne’s​ vocals, showing he’s more than just an enigmatic character but incredibly talented. In case you missed it however, the guys took a heavier tone and it’s clear the talent this band has as individuals and together. From start to finish ​Black Revival​ put on one hell of a performance and you find yourself completely drawn in by their music and style.


There’s no denying the faces of the up and coming hard rock bands is an incredibly talented one. They may be playing these small bands for the moment but I have faith in time it’ll be these bands headlining the arenas. For now, it’s worth heading down to your local venue and checking out the ​Scarlet Rebels ​and ​Black Revival’​s of the scene


Review: Emmie Ellis

Photography: Mark Ellis




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