Texan 5 piece FROST KOFFIN release much anticipated new single ‘Ain’t Good For Me’

Watch the ‘Ain’t Good For Me’ video – HERE

Recent shows/tours with As I Lay Dying and Alien Weaponry, more live news soon

Fast-rising and highly tipped Texan Metal band FROST KOFFIN have today released their brand new single Ain’t Good For Me Fresh from a North American tour with As I Lay Dying, a performance at So What Festival and shows with Alien Weaponry, FROST KOFFIN – guitarists Jayson Braffett and Ben Touchberry, bassist/vocalist Garrett Earles, drummer Mason Sego and vocalist Grayson Altom – have dialled it up to the next level from their 2018 self-titled mini album.

Produced by Josh Schroeder (King 810) and mixed by Chris Collier (Korn, Prong), Aint Good For Me packs monster riffs, technical shred and gargantuan, infectious melody into a thundering release of power and energy.

“Everyone deals with or has dealt with some sort of adversity, whether it be substance abuse, toxic relationship, financial struggles,” says bassist and co-vocalist Garret Earles of the song’s lyrical narrative; “Most people will develop a bad habit in life; some overcome, while others simply choose not to. This song leans towards the perspective of those who choose to stay in their ways. For myself, having a couple of drinks is more so a way to relax and something I try and do in moderation. While for others, it can be a paved road to misery and disaster.”

More about FROST KOFFIN:
Hailing from the heart of Texas, FROST KOFFIN formed from the ashes of assorted local hero acts to collectively create the music they had been aching to hear for all too long – bonafide modern Metal with a capital M. Eschewing the tedious clichés and tropes of metalcore in favour of a more natural, classic sound, FROST KOFFIN draw influence from the likes of Metallica, Pantera, Alice In Chains and Thin Lizzy, coupling a vintage flair for thumping riffs, virtuoso guitar work and a driving, powerful groove with just a touch of country, to create a sound that is distinctly theirs.

FROST KOFFIN were quick to grab attention with their 2018 self-titled mini album, securing deals with prestigious booking agencies UTA and AGI, and management company ie: music. In support of their self-titled release, FROST KOFFIN toured with As I Lay Dying, Phineas, Currents, He Is Legend and Alien Weaponry, and secured a main stage spot at the revered ‘So What’ festival in Texas.

The real excitement, however, lies in what comes next. Having spent winter 2018 holed up in the thick Michigan snow with producer Josh Schroeder (King 810, Varials, In Hearts Wake, The Color Morale), FROST KOFFIN have recorded a full-length album of compelling, powerful songs, positively laden with planet-sized riffs and hooks. And that next chapter starts now with the first single Ain’t Good For Me, an ode to vice, and the lures and trappings of bad habits built around an onslaught of razor-sharp guitars and arena-ready melody.


FROST KOFFIN ‘Ain’t Good For Me’

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