From Ashes To New // Panic // Album Review
From Ashes To New // Panic // Album Review 9
From Ashes To New // Panic // Album Review 9
From Ashes To New // Panic // Album Review 9
From Ashes To New // Panic // Album Review 9
From Ashes To New // Panic // Album Review 9
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From Ashes To New return with a blistering third album in the form of Panic. Riding the crest of a wave brought on by their two previous full-length releases, Day One and Future. Panic features the same lineup as the band’s 2018’s breakthrough release The Future — vocalists Brandyberry and Danny Case as well as guitarist Lance Dowdle and drummer Matt Madiro. Brandyberry credits the undeniable musical magnetism of these eleven songs to the enduring lineup. “The chemistry between us is there and fans who have seen us recently have been very vocal about the fact that we are firing on all cylinders.” That unified feeling which was solidified on the road performing songs like the Billboard-charting single “Crazy,” enabling the band to further refine their sound and move creatively to the next level. “We know what our vision is and we know what we want to do, so we were able to really accomplish that on this album because the structure is there,” he adds.

Seven-years in the journey together you can really hear the work rate and ethic have paid off with a very accomplished and beautifully produced album, right from the off it hits you right between the eyes from the album opener ‘Scars That I’m Hiding’ right through to the albums closer ‘Change My Past’. It is an intense ride packed with highs and lows to keep you entertained from start to finish. The interchanging vocals of Brandyberry and Danny Case make for the perfect platform for the songs to shine along with a killer and solid backline, the melodic quality of the vocals just work beautifully against the savage riffs and backbone laid down for these gargantuan sounding tracks. The energy is through the roof, with huge sing-along choruses you’ll be on your feet screaming the lyrics at the top of your voice in no time. 

The album passes you by in the blink of an eye as each song seamlessly runs onto the next, before you know it you’ll be hitting that repeat button if you have one or screaming at whatever digital assistant of your choice to “Repeat, repeat, repeat!!!” There isn’t a weak track on this album, it’s a well thought out collection of songs perfectly executed and sublimely produced to showcase the quality within. It is a testament to the band that their hard graft over the years, clocking up all those miles on the road and determination over hundreds of live shows has brought about an album of real maturity which will no doubt strengthen an already impressive footing as one of the hottest bands around to watch. 

Panic arrives this coming Friday, August 28th via Better Noise Music 


Panic Tracklist:

  Scars That I’m Hiding
  What I Get
  Wait For Me
  Death Of Me
  Change My Past


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