Fresh Tracks for a Fresh Month

  • Precocious, 20 year-old Dallas, Texas based rock/pop/blues artist Griffin Holtby announces his single, “Feel My Heart.” Adopted by an American couple at just eight months old from Russia, Holtby has since lived in southern locales such as San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and Dallas, Texas and has experienced more in two decades than the average youth. He first learned about the transformative power of music at the age of seven after hearing seminal rockers Cream, courtesy of his adopted father. Holtby embraced his destiny in the making as a musician and songwriter early on and wrote original music throughout middle and high school, creating material with sensibilities far ahead of the typical purview of young adults.  Holtby learned to use songwriting as a tool for catharsis when he experienced abandonment issues and an identity crisis as a teenager, utilizing the creative medium to put his thoughts into lyrics and music. “Many listeners will be impressed with the depth of soulfulness in Holtby’s voice. It is a quality that, like the aforementioned overall feel of the track, comes across as something natural rather than put on or stagy. He never has to push his voice into uncomfortable territory and invests the lyrics with confident authority that never threatens to become strident. His voice has a streak of blue running through it; Holtby can invoke melancholy without ever sounding melodramatic and managing its degree in such a way is one of the hallmarks of a gifted singer. The occasional backing vocals built into the track are a welcome addition.” (Hollywood Digest ) LISTEN TO “FEEL MY HEART”
  • Critically acclaimed Indie Pop/Chillwave band Psychobuildings are back with their second single/video, “Mlia,” after 8 years of anticipation,  from their next studio album, Blackout (out 10/16/2020).   Blackout is a reaction to the beauty and turbulence experienced by  LaBier since going dark in 2012.  After receiving critical acclaim from publications such as Pitchfork, Stereogum, Fader, Spin, and NME, and performing with notable acts like Blood Orange, Washed Out, Computer Magic, Small Black, and Picture Plane, Psychobuildings withdrew to write and record their next set of songs, anticipating a time to re-emerge and release them in the most impactful way. Frontman and central songwriter, Peter LaBier discusses the single: “I composed this song using words from the diary of Vaslav Nijinsky, the infamous ballet dancer of the Ballets Russes. Vaslav wrote his diary while he was suffering from mental breakdowns which would ultimately lead to his hospitalization. “Mlia” has a kind of warpy synth production, I wanted this song to get into a dreamy space— what it might feel like to float inside a mind that is unraveling, chaotic and ecstatic— but not in a gloomy way.)”He continues, “‘Mlia’ takes the viewer into the fantastical dream vision of a humanoid skater figure as they explore a supersaturated world of artificiality, repeating forms, and strange architecture only to arrive back in their own body awaking from a dream.”  “The track captures the duo‘s patented indie pop/chillwave sound with unflinching honesty. The listener travels between soothing melody lines and uncomfortable, dissonant passages that makes the music a fully satisfying experience as it flings us between calm and disquiet with incredible ease.” (PopMattersWATCH “MILA” 
  • Nashville based heavy psychedelic/rock n’ roll band DE3RA announces their new single, “Old Scratch”, ahead of their upcoming self-titled album, due out October 16, 2020.  DE3RA states that “Old Scratch” is, “about beseeching the void.  It explores reaching out into the darkness and seeking inspiration and power.  The inspiration comes from the feeling of desperation that we’ve all felt.  The idea that we would do almost anything just to make things better.  The intro to the song is a thick synth part reminiscent of an 80’s Sci-Fi movie soundscape.  This is the heaviest song on the new album and probably the heaviest song the band has ever created”. “One of the true gifts of music, particularly rock n’ roll, is inspiration. Its ability to inspire us, the listener, is unrivalled, and it is always there when we are in need of a safe space. Psychedelic rock group DE3RA has provided a much-needed shot of inspiring, sophisticated, and progressive rock with their brand new single.” ( LISTEN TO “OLD SCRATCH” 
  • Folk rock/indie singer and songwriter Austin Archer announces his new single, “The Comeback”, ahead of his upcoming studio album, Beautiful Things, due out September 25, 2020.  With over 17 years of songwriting experience, several published albums, and an extensive catalog of production work, Archer’s Beautiful Things was created through an honest and well-earned knowledge of songwriting craft.  He is truly a jack of all trades, playing drums, bass, synth, guitars, piano and singing on every track of the album.   Archer describes “The Comeback” as “a shot of adrenaline. A song of celebration and rebirth.  A hallelujah hymn for spiritual rejuvenation” mixed with a “full on rock anthem”.”‘The Comeback’ is a stunning progression of his sound, capturing his authentic sound with crystal clarity.” (Broken 8 Records) “Austin Archer is a hidden folk-rock gem in the local scene.  He has an uncanny ability to write versatile folk-rock songs on both sides of the spectrum in a genuine and charismatic way.” (Slug Mag) LISTEN TO “THE COMEBACK” 
  •   LA based indie/avant garde, non-binary singer and songwriter Torii Wolf releases their new , acoustic rooftop video, “Charlie.” A NYC native, Wolf has previously been featured on outlets like Billboard, Complex, okayplayer, and Stereogum. Previously, Wolf has recorded and released music with notable music icons like DJ Premier, Mike Zombie (the producer of Drake’s “Started From The Bottom”), and Macklemore.  Wolf fuses indie, dance and avant garde to create a moving and unique work of art.   On the A Memento Mori Production-created video, Wolf states, ““‘Charlie’ is inspired by a very close person in my life who lost their father at a very young age. I feel very deeply connected to this song. I go somewhere very special and tender when I sing it.” ” Standing alone with nothing more than a guitar, amp, and microphone, Wolf is both genuine and impassioned in their delivery; emotional yet determined and one hundred percent authentic.” ( “…are stripped down, intimate, and give off the feeling of being one-on-one, sitting in a chair across the room from Wolf. It may very well be a result of Wolf stepping into the producer’s chair due to COVID-19. The recent worldwide pandemic was the push they needed to set up their own home recording studio.” (Audiofemme) WATCH “CHARLIE”
  • Albuquerque,  New Mexico-based, BYLAND, the cinematic folk/indie-rock project of Alie Renee Byland,  announces the single/video “Passed Me By,”  from her first studio record,  GRAY, due out on October 2, 2020.  Previously featured on  outlets like  American Songwriter, KUPR, Woodinville Weekly,  Mystic Sons,  Albuquerque Journal, among others, BYLAND is ready to go national with GRAY.  “Passed Me By” was written as a personal commitment to being present, in the moment, and in my body. I often subconsciously think that I have all the time in the world to do what I want to do and become who I want to become. I don’t. Time is constantly passing me by. Growth takes intention. It takes owning each moment and being present in my own life,” states Byland. Departing  from the reflective and sentimental nature of BYLAND’s  earlier work, GRAY turns the focus inward with a vulnerable and unidealized approach. The  album is driven by cinematic soundscapes, accompanied by timeless arrangements and distinct composition. The record has the masterful touches of producer and multi-instrumentalist Nathan Yaccino, along with additional mixing by Andy Park, and the careful mastering of Ed Brooks. Notable contributors alongside Alie include a lineup of powerful females – Jessica Dobson, Meagan Grandall, and Abby Gunderson. But, the focal points of GRAY are the lush, stirring vocals and the depth of emotion that the lyrics convey.  “As the tune progresses, the instrumentation builds almost orchestrally to create a feeling of vastness. It comes across as electrofolk and yet BYLAND plays mostly piano, guitar and digital percussion. She builds entire worlds of sound with these simple tools, and it’s quite an impressive feat.” (PopMattersWATCH “PASSED ME BY 
  • Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Kalen Chase, who might be familiar through his work with Vimic and Korn, announces his new single/video and solo effort, “Let Them Come” (featuring Pete Thorn (Chris Cornell, Melissa Etheridge, Don Henley)),“Good Things,” (featuring Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls on drums.)  Though it’s a departure from his metal roots, the track serves as a crossover to his singer/songwriter project and will cater to both dedicated fans and new fans of the novel sound. “KALEN CHASE, whom you might have come across from his work with VIMIC and KORN has released a brand new track from his solo venture, titled, ‘Let Them Come‘. A departure from the hard rock and metal vocal style, this one brings on the board some really melodic, sing along clean vocals that I am sure the softer side of the metal fans would cling on to. ” (Metal Nexus) “At a time where we could all use a dose of positivity, Chase has risen to the occasion with his brand new single and music video, directed by Chase himself just prior to the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic…“Good Things” is an optimistically-minded song that can serve as a useful reminder that maybe, just maybe, things aren’t quite as bad as they seem.” ( “The latest single utilized a selective group of players, from all backgrounds.  Kalen recruited a bunch of friends and artists from the Musicians Institute and tapped all of his resources in the biz, bringing “Good Things” full circle. And like so many songs before it, the concept was born from a frustrated conversation with a significant other. “(American SongwriterWATCH “LET THEM COME”
  • San Francisco-based alternative artist Floyd, announces her video, “Shine,” out today, 7/31/20. To describe Floyd as being “eclectic” would be a vast understatement.  The singer, songwriter and instrumentalist is inspired by lifelong musical influences ranging from Tori Amos to U2 to Cyndi Lauper and  pairs anthemic vocal melodies and aggressive pop foundation.” The San Francisco-based artist is delivering this one straight from the heart, a song that she wrote about feeling grateful towards those individuals in your life that have made you feel better, or improved you as a person.” ( “San Fransisco, the alternative singer-songwriter has a knack of combining catchy pop-songs with a singer-songwriter’s sensible touch, and when it all comes together as in “What Do You Say,” it’s magic.” (Pancakes and Whiskey) Floyd discusses the video’s concept in more depth: “‘Shine’ is a love song. A song about gratitude and joy for anybody who’s experienced the kind of love in their lives that’s transformative, foundational, and inspired them to be the very best version of themselves. That kind of love is rare and priceless.” WATCH “SHINE”
  • Washington DC-based, soul/funk artist Summer Dennis announces the dynamic and sultry video “You and Me” follow up to her latest album Second Summer. “The funky record sees singer Dennis give thanks for the simplest things in life with a passionate vocal performance over a smooth groovy backdrop.” (EARMILK) She has acquired media accolades, including appearances on Great Day Washington, Celebmix, Soulbounce, and Blog Talk Radio, who gushes, “Summer has a warm welcoming vocal style that celebrates her love of singing not just as an artist but as someone who truly loves the music.” “Backed by a thumping forward groove, lush textures, and soulful runs, Dennis gives a solid sultry performance that once again showcases her vocal range and edgy songwriting style. Far from being explicit, Dennis sure has that adult contemporary swag laced with youthful and sensual vibrancy.” ( The Word is Bond)  Dennis divulges more on the song: “This song is really meant to be a departure into another realm where we aren’t in a pandemic, where we can be close to our loved ones, and just hold each other and love on each other. The isolation of quarantine left me desiring more love, more intimacy, more closeness… so while we can’t have that right now without killing each other, i figured i would write about it and uplift everyone during this terrible time. Also, Arrest the killers of Breonna Taylor.”  Empowerment. Strength. Honesty. Resolve. These are all appropriate adjectives to describe the one and only Summer Dennis… The song combines the best of pop, R&B, and soul to deliver a positive, uplifting love song that will make you feel good to be alive and well, and appreciative of those in your life on whom you can rely for affection and support.”  ( WATCH “YOU AND ME” 
  • LA-based, Rock artist, The Waking Point is proud to release their cover of Nirvana’s “Something in the Way” ahead of the EP Rose Colored Violence, due out 9/11/20.  The track follows the artist’s early 2020 single “Rose Colored Violence” and second single, “Bad Girl.”  All of The Waking Point’s material was recorded and produced by Sadie Belica, the creator of the band.  She is helping pioneer the DIY aspect of music production by creating all of her artwork and music herself. “Layers of sound and reverb give the song new depth without muddling it, so that Nirvana fans will recognize and accept the cover as a suitable homage to Kurt’s vision.” (The Deli MagazineLISTEN TO “SOMETHING IN THE WAY” 
  • Austin-based, indie rock/electric soul artist and NFL player, Joe Barksdale announces  “Moonbeam”, from his upcoming release, Sincerely, due out September 4 2019. A former NFL player for the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Rams and San Diego Chargers,  Barksdale has been featured in articles for sites, such as ESPN,  The Los Angeles Times, Fender,  San Diego Tribune, and CBS Sports, among others. Barksdale describes “Moonbeam;” “When I was younger, I fell in love with space and science and one of the things that always fascinated me was the moon. Everyone marvels at the sun, but I never felt that people appreciated the moon. Things are easy to do in the daytime, but things get infinitely harder in the dark of night. Life is the same way, on the good days it’s easy to find support and help from friends, but on the bad days (dark times) when you feel alone, it’s the moon that helps you find your way. We all have different moonbeams in our lives, the moonbeams that I am referring to in this song are my fans. This is a love letter to my fans who are a huge source of help during my dark times when I want to quit or feel like it isn’t worth it, they are a constant source of inspiration and motivation.” While you may know Joe Barksdale as a stud offensive lineman for collegiate champs LSU or NFL teams such as the Raiders and Rams; he has transitioned from flattening defensive rushers to becoming a force in the music world with a unique approach to guitar and melody. “Moonbeam” is a sultry and swaying soul-tune with deep bass, jangly guitars, wavy synths and when Joe sings it’s easy to appreciate his silky and effortless voice that bends around the notes perfectly.”(Pancakes and WhiskeyWATCH “MOONBEAM” 
  • Acclaimed Southern Rockers Robert Jon & The Wreck announce the video “Do You Remember” from their latest record, Last Light on the Highway. “Appropriately, its accompanying music video features footage from a decade’s worth of band life. Steve Maggiora, the group’s keyboard player, assembled the clip, which will leave viewers nostalgic, even if they’re only just learning about Robert Jon & the Wreck, for their own younger years.” (The Boot)The impressive new album recorded all across the United States and Australia, and self-produced by Robert Jon & The Wreck.   With a wide variety of influences brought to the table, the band was able to come together and make this record using a rollercoaster of stories and experiences. Traits of self-reflection and reminisce drive this album and provide a happy-medium that blues-rock enthusiasts look for. Robert Jon & The Wreck are ready to tear up the UK. Following the release of their acclaimed studio albu, the California based band will tour the UK in May 2021. A 48-hour Planet Rock Pre-Sale started  on band have received numerous accolades and raving reviews for years now, from nominations of “Best Rock” and “Best Blues” to multiple top 10 chart placement on Southern Rock Brazil’s Top 20 Albums to being praised as “Classic and fresh at the same time” and “keeping the history of classic 60’s and 70’s rock alive for newer generations” by Blues legend Joe Bonamassa.  “THAT SEXY, HARD-GRINDING BLUES-ROCK WE NEVER GET TIRED OF! ” (KROQ Los AngelesWATCH “DO YOU REMEMBER”// LISTEN TO LAST LIGHT ON THE HIGHWAY
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