French Sci-Fi Post-Progressive rockers premiered new music video “Silent Ghosts”
A few weeks after the official release of their new conceptual futuristic album ‘Helios : Part One’, French Post-Progressive Rockers Catchlight just premiered their brand new official music video video illustrating the song “Silent Ghosts” and available right now on YouTube.
In addition to this video news, ‘Helios : Part One’ is still available on CD & Digital + full-streaming on Bandcamp and the main legal platforms.
…For the record…
Catchlight is a post-progressive rock/metal band from Lyon/Grenoble area (France) born around 2016 with a first concept album called ‘Amaryllis’ released the same year and reissue two years later for remastered Digital deluxe edition.
This debut album has been well received by the public and critics and Catchlight took us into a post-apocalyptic universe that is both rich and dark through atmospheric sounds of guitars, the hovering and electric atmosphere of the samples, the throbbing rhythm of the drums and the groove of the bass.

The melancholy and poignant songs tell the story of the fallen humanity struggling to regain its past glory in a world plunged in the shadow of a thousand-year-old night.

In 2019, Catchlight expanded his futuristic musical concept with a brand new album called ‘Helios Part One’.

For fans of Karnivool, Tool, Porcupine Tree, Katatonia, Riverside…
The concept of Helios…
“The end of the world is near.HELIOS, a titanic AI that has been serving humans for over a century, is infected with an unknown virus from a parallel world.
Gradually, the sky is covered with a black veil and the nano-machines intended to regulate the climate get carried away, causing innumerable catastrophes across the globe.
The “Amaryllis” protocol for the privileged has been activated.While hundreds of people run to seek refuge in the underground city, a handful of survivors led by a group calling themselves the “Leaders” manages to take shelter between the walls of an ancient bunker.
Among them, a child named Ithas.”

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