French melodic metallers EZOX streamed brand new full-length album ‘One Last Breath’ // Out now for CD & Digital on the main legal services

As announced a few weeks ago and after already unveilling the official music video of the single “For Today” and then releasing their new album ‘One Last Breath’ for CD & Digital, French melodic metallers EZOX just streamed the full-record over YouTube.

In addition to the album full-stream, the official 4K music video for the single “For Today” is still up on YouTube too while physical and digital versions of the album are both available on bandcamp.

Stream the whole record on YouTube | Buy your copy on Bandcamp


…For the record…

Founded in 2013 in South-East of France, EZOX is a melodic metal four-piece which spend its first year as a band to write some songs and find its own musical path.

EZOX’s first effort official ‘Crawl To Paradise’ compiling the works written between 2014 and 2018 is a bewitching journey through violence and melodies of an announced disaster that sounds like crushing waves…

A few months only after the release of the EP, Ezox entered the studio to record a new album released worldwide on May/June 2019.

For fans of In Flames, Dissection, Parkway Drive, Trivium, Thy Art Is Murder…

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