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About one year the first (and limited for its “circle”) release of its debut full-length and self-titled album, French Dark-Rock/Post-Punk/Indie-Art-Rock/Avant-Garde-Metal quartet Melt will reissue this effort on November 7th for CD and digital worldwide re-release through Bandcamp and the main digital platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal etc.).

In addition to the official re-release announcement, the band also shared a brand new official music video for the single “Cypher” while two other audio excerpts “Blast” and “Opikanoba” are available on Bandcamp.

Watch the official music video for “Cypher” | Stream the song “Blast” and “Opikanoba” on Bandcamp
…For the record…

“We are melt.

We survived.

Our music is an unexpected mix between metal sound and cold wave tragic melodies.We originally started as a duo when Charlotte and I met 10 years ago on October 2007.

In chaos and crave we’ve created the first demos of Melt: a powerful and personal rock, finding its full emotional potential on stage. Charlotte’s singing comes from a crisis during which she went crazy and untied herself from the real world. Her lyrics are ironic, a mix of English and imaginary invented language, disconnected from the “real” world, again.

As did Greg Sage in the Wipers, we consider music as art, not entertainment. We’ve been existing as a band for 3 years now, playing on every kind of stage in our area.On December 2017 we’ve released our first album and then re-released it about one year later.

End of transmission”

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