French alternative-rock/nugaze duo Ron Moor unveiled new music video “Gethsemane”

French alternative-rock/nugaze duo Ron Moor unveiled new music video “Gethsemane”.

New album ‘Upside Down’ coming out on April 2 and CD, LP & Digital through all platforms.

3 years after the release of its second album ‘Youth’ (2018), Alternative-rock/Nugazeduo from France Ron Moor is about to give birth to its third full-length record called ‘Upside Down’ and coming out on April 2nd on CD, LP & Digital.
In the meantime, the band unveiled a first single from their upcoming effort with the video of “Gethsemane” available right now on YouTube while pre-orders are already opened through the band’s KissKissBankBank crowdfunding campaign.
For fans of 30 Seconds To mars, Alter Bridge, Placebo, NIN

….Official statement…

May 2019. Ultra-Catholic students perpetrate homophobic acts in the heart of La Roche-sur- Yon, France. It was on this ground of intolerance that Upside Down, Ron Moor’s third album, was born.

Wishing to maintain total artistic independence, it only took Ron Moor a few months to compose, write, record and mix, all at home, this new opus of twelve tracks decidedly more engaged and more powerful than the previous ones.

Far from falling into primary anti-clericalism, ‘Upside Down’ nonetheless paints a gloomy portrait of a sinking society, beset by religious and political extremism. In this concept album, Ron Moor draws on his Judeo-Christian roots to deliver a message of respect and tolerance.

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