Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes // Brixton By Request // Livetream Review

Having been about 5 rows from the front for the show at the Alexandra Palace, I had been keen to see how Frank and Rattlesnakes were going to push things forward in these strange times, so when it was announced that an immersive experience at Brixton Academy was on the cards, it did far more than just pique my interest.

As details came out about the show including tracks from the recently released Blossom Deluxe album and songs by request were also joined by being one of the crowds of people on stage with the band on the huge screens that would replace a backdrop and then the added VR experience this really was going to push the boundaries.

For those unaware of the band, having formed only 5 years ago, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have already had three Top 20 albums and have sold out shows across Europe, with their high energy, no holds barred shows and it is guaranteed that the band will join the crowd at some point as they connect with the audience more than just verbally. Fronted by Frank Carter and with guitarist Dean Richardson, bassist Tank Barclay and drummer Gareth Grover, this combination is nothing short of dynamite so the only question was, how would this show go.

Boasting 6 camera spots, including one right in the middle of the crowd, the band would play between the conventional direction, but also to the back of the stage, where they were performing to those who were part of the stage invasion and with the VR allowing you to look at whatever part of the stage you wanted it, this was clearly taking technology and using it to push the streaming service to the next level. If VR isn’t your bag or you wanted a more traditional view, this was also a possibility, allowing you to take everything in and just focus on singing along with one of the most powerful and passionate bands around.

This experience was extremely experimental and, in many ways, a huge risk with it actually being live, however, the energy and excitement of the band came through perfectly and the gig was spot on. Yes, this will not ever replace the proper gig experience and nor should it, however, it was the best with what we have and was thoroughly enjoyable.

A very big well done to everyone involved in this amazing experience 

Ed Ford

Photo Credit: Thomas Green


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