Fragile Homes have debuted new single & music video, “Do You Know Who You Are?”

Fragile Homes have debuted new single & music video, “Do You Know Who You Are?”

Watch the video HERE.

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The single comes as the band’s first new music since last year’s ‘Summer Vacation. Forever, Forever.’ EP,

“This track confronts the issue of self-identity and purpose in a world that encourages conformity and complacency.” explains the band’s Joseph Fenton.

Fenton continues: “I wholeheartedly believe that a huge amount of negativity in the world stems from negative relationships with ourselves and not really ever feeling secure in not only physical location but societal placement in the world.”


Central Jersey hardcore/alternative rock trio Fragile Homes debuted with the release of Imaginary Places in 2019, the brain-child of three musicians who have spent the past decade cutting their teeth in the Northeast scene.

From bedrooms to studio spaces, Fragile Homes have harnessed their DIY ethic and a thirst for writing into a sound that marries hardcore, punk and emo – a raw, impactful and moreish confluence of intricate guitars, highly charged vocals and a rhythm section that feeds the tenseness and anticipation

The long time friends have honed their chemistry and creative nous into an intriguing and beguiling collection on 2021 album ‘Summer Vacation. Forever, Forever.’ . The EP deftly evokes both anger and dismay but notably does this with positivity and a bright accessibility, a combination which has spilled over onto the band’s new single “Do You Know Who You Are?”.

The track shows influence from punk, grunge and hardcore; a fluidity and technical prowess that merges with an accessibility and vulnerable veneer through which Fragile Homes shares their latest story.

“Do You Know Who You Are?” is out now.

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