Fozzy // Capturing Judas // Livestream Review

So as we all know 2020 has not been the greatest year and the fact that live shows have been canceled has been one of the most painful hits for musicians and fans alike. The solution has been the growing trend of live streams instead. These have tended to be at a fraction of the cost of a live show and come with the added comforts of being able to watch in your PJs. I’ve decided it’s about time to check out a live stream and who better to start with than Fozzy and their Capturing Judas show.

The stream is due to begin at 9 pm EST however that is 2 am GMT time. The other added benefit of the stream over a live show is you can watch this the next day and as many times as you like for a period of time. So it’s Sunday morning and I’m all settled and comfy to enjoy the next best thing to being at a live concert. Now the Fozzy steam is slightly different from the majority of the others which have been broadcast and this is due to the added mini-documentary “Across America”, that’s included at the start. This follows the band as they promote their last record ​Judas​ and become the first band to play 3 shows in 3 cities in 1 day! Starting at 9 am in … through to a 3 pm show in El Paso, Texas, and ending with an 11 pm show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Despite the hard work and toll, this must take on the band, it’s amazing to see the high spirits throughout the day. It shows just how hard the band works to promote their music and the passion that they have.

Once the mini-doc is over, we head straight into the live stream. The band is shown in a studio environment and socially distanced already playing the intro to “Sins and Bones”. Although there might not be a live crowd, the boys have still dressed to impress with Chris Jericho in leathers and shades and Rich Ward in a rather nice shirt. After rocking out “Drinking with Jesus”, the band pauses the music and take some time to talk to us and thank everyone for tuning in. The band chats and offer some insight into the reasons behind the stream following the multiple reschedules of their tour this year. The guys then go back into the performance following the setlist from the Rising Judas tour.

Throughout the full stream, there is a real laid back vibe as the band chat and provide stories including favorite festivals, shows, and the Jericho Cruise, amongst other tales offering an insight to the life of a touring band. I always find there’s something special about witnessing a band that can seem a million miles away from your day to day life being human and intimate. For a long time, bands seemed to be high up and out of reach but in this age of social media, it’s so much easier to see that the human side of musicians and this is another perfect example of being able to see that. For those fans of Jericho and his WWE career, there is also that added bonus too. It’s also really nice to hear the shout outs to those fans who have become friends over the years through their extensive following of the band (attending 75 shows!!) and the impact that they have on the band. I think one of the most interesting insights provided however is how the band decide what to include on their setlists and the difference between live tracks and record only tracks.

It’s also worth noting that although the overall feel of the stream is laid back, that when it comes to playing the tracks there is nothing laid back about their performance as they really go for it. With songs such as “Nowhere to Run” and “Painless” you feel the energy of the music and it’s easy to understand why the band put on performances like they do. It’s clear the band is missing out on performing too as Jericho mentions at one point that performing without a live crowd is a different experience as during points in songs he would normally interact with the crowd he is unsure what to do with himself in this studio environment. As

the setlist begins to wind down, the energy holds high with “Sandpaper” and there would be no other way to close the show than with the big track itself, “Judas”. For those who have managed to see the band live to promote this album, you’ll be aware that this is usually the opening track however as the tour has now wound down, the track moves towards the end of the set as a top hit for the band with a promise of new music in 2021.

While attending a live show and experiencing the atmosphere provided by these can never be replaced, these intimate live streams seem to be the next best thing. Who knows when we will next be able to be in the crowd, in a venue, rocking out to our favorite bands however that itch has now been somewhat scratched for the time being watching Fozzy kill this performance.


Review: Emmie Ellis


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